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Thread: Tilapia Recipes????

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    Does anyone have any yummy tilapia recipes? I made some tilapia yesterday and it was so plain tasting and boring.

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    I put a little sea salt and a generous shake of Creole seasoning on both sides and then pan sear it for 4 minutes on each side. After it's cooked, I put a few Drops of lime juice on it. Delicious!
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    I made some the other night that was scrumptious, I heated a little chicken broth in a skillet, plopped the fish in it, salt n pepper, and this was the main thing that gave it its flavor, a grinder full of spices and its called Kick'n Chick'n. It has red pepper flakes, garlic, salt, black pepper... So maybe if you have garlic powder and just a little bit of red pepper.. then let that side cook and flip it, same seasonings on the other side, cook til done. YUMMMMY!

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    i just use a little old bay and sometimes crush a melba toast and bake it

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    make a rub of parsely,garlic, salt, lemon juice, pepper and dill. Then put in a casserole dish wish some sliced tomatoes. Roast it in the oven. my favorite

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    take mustard and lemon juice, mix up and pour onto filets, sprinkle with either fresh dill or dry dill and paprika (P3 you can use capers and drizzle a little olive oil) bake

    a little salt to taste...nice!

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    Thanks for asking this, I plan on cooking up some tilapia and cod tonight!

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    I use this recipe for Cod too... my husband loves it and he isn't on HCG... i just mix up a little side sauce for him, mayo, dijon, cayenne, lemon juice, capers, and dill...delish! also great for P3 if you use no sugar dijon (albertsons has it and so does Amy's )

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    put frenchs horseradish mustard on it (thick) and bake or broil. The best!

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    Thanks for sharing your recipes. Please keep them coming! I don't like fish very much....actually only if it doesn't taste like I need to come up with ways to prepare it that make me not dread it.

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