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Thread: When is best time to inject?

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    When is best time to inject?

    My dr recommended to inject in the afternoon as this would help me through till night with regard to hunger. When is the best time to inject? I am on day 4 - phase 1.

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    I do first thing in the morning. I've had a few hunger issues but they've been corrected with lowering my dose.
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    I kept having hunger issues late at night causing sleeping problems and would wake up starving. I thought to myself, I wonder what would happen if I took my shot at night? Sure enough, I have been sleeping like a baby and feel well-rested after less sleep than before. I drink plenty of water in the morning and delay breakfast til 10 or 11 am, have a snack around 3pm, and a small dinner around 7-8pm. I don't seem to notice feeling hungry during the day, only at night, so for me, this seems to be working.
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    When I was injecting in the AM I was having terrible nausea. Doc recommended I inject in the evening and I don't have any more problems.

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    I think it depends on your schedule first...some 3rd shifters need to get creative. And secondly, when you feel comfortable and have good loses. We all have different body rhythms. Injecting in the morning, after you shower works for most....if that doesn't work, I'd first suggest checking to see if your dose is correct by skipping a day. If your dose is correct, then I'd try a later in the day injection.
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    Mid morning/lunch seems to work best for me. If I do my injection right after I get up I will get nauseous.
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    So, if I start with the very first shot at night, how do I count the loading days? The day of the injection, even though I haven't had the actual shot yet, or the next day after the shot counts as day 1?
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    If you're doing the first shot at night, I'd count the next two days as the loading days and then try not to eat after you do the third evening shot.

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    I slept late yesterday (until noon) and took my shot when I got up. Yesterday was the first day I didn't deal with any hunger. I had emotional "hunger" because I was home with nothing to do, but no gnawing hunger until about 11PM. I'm going to start taking my shot to work in my lunch bag!


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