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Thread: How Many Units Is .25ml

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    I see everybody here saying the amount they take (injections) in units. I was wanting to know how many units is .25ml.


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    That all depends on the original mixture Cameo.
    Units can refer to the amount of hCG (international units, the way it is measured)
    ML and CC's refers to the volume of the liquid used to carry the hcg~
    If I mix a 3 oz bag of kool aid in a gallon or water, it is one strength, if I mix a 3 oz bag of koolaid in a quart of water, it is another strength~ If i drink a cup of the gallon mixture it will be weaker than the quart mixture~
    So you have to know how much hCG got mixed in the liquid in order to know the strength~

    (brenda~not a nurse)

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    I got my supplies from a clinic and didin't think to pay attention to that. I just followed the directions to mix the stuff when I got home and give myself .25 ml (insulin needle) daily. The box says 10ml/ 10,000 usp units.

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    great explanation bretty. It all depends on how strong the mixture was mixed when it was prepared. You have to know this to know how many IU's are in the .25 ml
    Like bretty said the ml's is how much liquid there is and the IU's measure the strength or potency of the hcg.

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    I am so confused now. I don't remember how much was in the bacteriostatic water that came with my HCG powder. I went through a clinic I just followed in instructions they gave me. I am wanting to do it at home for my second round, but not sure now how to proceed. I don't know how much to order.

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    ok forget what you don't know. Just tell us how long you want to go on hcg (23 days, 40 days, or what) and how you plan to administer it (injections or sublingal) and we will help you with that. Relax, everything is going to work out good, we are here and can guide you through all that, as there are many seasoned veterans on here. We can tell you how much to order, how much to mix, and how much to dose.

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    I have to weeks left of a 40 day cycle. I would like to do one more 40 day cycle, but I am considering on doing two 23 day cycles instead. Could give me in the information for both? Thank you so much for all your help.

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    If you do sublingual two 5000 IU vials will do a 23 day protocol (it is actually enough for 3o days but you will discard the left over amount)
    If you do the injections one 5000 IU vial will do the 23 days I believe.
    You did not tell us what form you plan to do.
    For 40 days 3 vials sublingual, 2 vials for injections I believe.

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    Sorry I forgot, I would like to stick with the injections.

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    enchanted- hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you mixed the entire 10000 unit vial initially? the hcg loses significant potency as time goes on- most prefer to re-mix after 2 weeks. so if you're at 26 days with your mix, i'd guess your losses are slowing way down.

    they should have given you 2 vials of 5000, instead of 1 of 10000. so if you find your losses are low, you may want to go on to P3 and wait for your new hcg to arrive. or better yet, call that clinic and give them a hard time..... if you mixed with bacteriostatic water, which i'm guessing you did, it "officially" is only supposed to last for 30 days! but my doc doesn't let you get more than 2 wks worth of shots at one time. many people now believe that the more frequently you can mix, the better- since it starts to lose potency at day one.

    i don't even use the 5000 unit vials anymore. for injections that vial is enough for 25 days (at 200 units per day), and i think that's too long without re-mixing. you can get 2 vials for 25 days and mix halfway ($27 through alldaychemist) or you can get 3 vials of the 2000 unit hcg ($28). that will give you 30 days, mixing every 10 days. or if you only want to do 24 days, just mix after 8 days and then throw the rest out.

    so i'd recommend you order 3 vials of 2000 units, for a round of 24 to 30 days. then multiply that by how many more rounds you want to do. -margie
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