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Thread: I Can Have Unsweetend Vanilla Soy Milk Right?

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    just wanted to make sure before i just jump into it

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    i guess i just dont understand this diet....is it like a starch? because there is like 3 ingredients

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    and if i cant have soy milk is there any other milk i can have besides regular milk because regular milk just does not sit will with me

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    does it make a difference that im on phase 3?

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    you can have soy milk in phase 3... just no sugar and starch. Just make sure its unsweetened or no sugars added. I dont like soy. I like unsweetened vanilla almond milk. You just have to try things and see how it effects the scale in p3.

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    Be careful with soy.
    Its not a starch or sugar, however soy affects your hypothalamus because it affects estrogen levels which can affect weight gain.
    I use skim milk and have stabalized completely since the begining of P3.
    I sparingly eat soy prodcuts.

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    what kind of almond milk do you drink because i LOVE almond milk i was just at smiths yesterday because im on vaca at my in laws and they didnt have a health food store open so unsweetened soy milk was all i could find! but i can have almond milk? i may hold out til later today when i can go to the health food store! i already had to have diet soda yesterday because i was about to fall asleep while driving and i had too much of some other stuff im allowed to have but.. i think i just ate too much of whatever it was and the scale went up a little! BOO!!


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