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Thread: vacation on july 15th

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    vacation on july 15th

    Going on vacation on July 15th do I have enough time to start the program.

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    If you start soon you do. You can be in P4 (normal eating) by July if you do a short round on HCG, 3 weeks of P3 and then P4. You could even do the rest of May in P2, 3 weeks of June in P3 and get a week of P4 in before July. Depending on how soon you can start you can extend your P2 out longer if you want.

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    It also depends on where you are vacationing and how much control you have over your meals. I've vacationed in p3 a few times and done just fine. My vacations tend to involve a lot of hiking and walking...as well as contol over what I eat...ie only veggies, protein, no added sugars in sauces, etc. I do add in some dry wines, but no sugary mixed drinks. I've not had a problem. My rule of thumb is to be in p3 for at least 5 days before a vacation. That gives your body a chance to get used to your favored proteins. For me, it's eggs and cheese.
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    Thank you for the info I am going on a 8 day cruise leaving july 15th. Have an appointment in NYC this Tuesday at doctors office. Thanx again.I was told I could also do this without doctor but nervous I think first time I need doctor's guidance.

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    Cruises are so much fun and with all the exercise you get walking the ship I have lost weight on every one I've been on and no I don't diet while I'm there. But I don't try to eat my moneys worth either LOL So much fresh food and so many good healthy choices that taste amazing, you'll do great and if you are in P4 when you go there won't be any restrictions anyways. Just don't over do it or eat things you know you gain on. You might be use to cruising and know how your body reacts but if not be ready for swelling when you return home. Some don't have it but some have a big issue with the difference in sea levels between home and ocean.

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    I have an appointment today with a doctor 5/6. I was thinking though I have 2 months before the cruise I really want to lose 20 lbs for the cruise I need to lose more but 20 for the cruise would be great if I watch calories and exercise I could probably lose that right? And when I come back do the hcg diet. How does that sound? Let me know.

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    I answered you on your other thread. I thought 20 was all you had to lose but yes you can just diet between now and the cruise. Even if you just hit the average 2lbs per week that will put you pretty close to your 20lb loss before the cruise. Add in some exercise to get some toning in and I think you'll be happy. Then you can decide if you want to do HCG when you get back or continue on with regular dieting.

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    Thank you very much poo bears (love it)
    Let's see what the doc says today. This forum is the best thanks again

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    I started on April 2nd and did a 23 round with 3 days of vlcd, then went on vacation on the 28th for 7 days. Actually, my losses had pretty much stalled. Upon returning, I was down .02 (fully expecting a gain). Started right back up where I left off (no load) and the losses have been steady ever since. On vacation I ate fairly clean meals (no starches, breads, chips, cookies, etc), but had lots of red wine, ice cream and chocolate truffle types of desserts. Virtually NO exercise ~ just laying on a beach.

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    Now I have a real dilemma. I have a family emergency which is going to take me cross country for who knows how long ~ 10 days-3 months ?
    I've just been back on for 5 days. I COULD continue til the 25th as planned (although it might be difficult food wise), OR I could stop today, do the 3 days of vlcd and just be done with it.


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    Scout you have enough time in to just call it a round and honestly that may be the easiest. But if you think you can stick to P2 (or even want to with that going on) you can extend it as planned. I personally would call it a round, P3 is much easier to do while handling the unknowns that come with family emergencies and being out of town than P2 is.

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    Thanks poobears. That helps. I really am down to where I think I should be anyway. Any more loss would be difficult to maintain in the long run I think adding to the psychological distress of gaining back to this point. I've only been 3 lbs less than this (for a hot minute) in my entire adult life anyhow. I was just a little concerned that this little 5 day stint of drops ultimately screwed things up for the long run .

    ...darn...I just mixed a new batch. Oh well. Other priorities.


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