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Thread: How Much in Vegetables ?

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    When I ordered the HCG, I also ordered the book that came with it. It's a very good book but I let my lieutenant take it home to read. In that book it said that for the meals we can have 2 cups of vegetables (that's 2 cups before the veggie is cooked). I have a pdf file that basically has the same info as the book but I just pulled it up and it didn't specify the amount of vegetable per meal. Anyone know the amount ?

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    My doctor's book has two cups of veggies except tomatoes, onions, Fennel and Chicory greens - all are 1 cup except Fennel is 1.5 cups. It lists the calories associated with these servings so I assume that is why these are lower amounts.

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    hc...a great...just great...i had a wonderful time eating 2 cups of the little cherry tomatoes for lunch today. i didn't eat anything else, i should be okay huh ?

    anyway...i found a website that broke down the calorie amount for each veggie. the way the diet is broken down on that site is easy. i could've saved my money when i bought the book b

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    I did not do it that way...I weighted out everything. I would have 15 oz = 15 calories of celery for one you know how much that is? A plate full!

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    Here is a cut & paste from a great site regarding HCG diet:

    Typical weights of vegetables to be used in a serving at either lunch or dinner are around: 7 ounces of cabbage, 4-5 ounces of spinach, 12-15 ounces of tomatoes, 6 ounces of asparagus, 8-10 ounces of cucumbers. Typical weight of strawberries (to equate a handful) is between 4-5 ounces or 50-75 grams.

    Lots of good info on that site!

  6. #6's a lot more than the other sites have for veggies. did this work for you ? stupid question i guess considering your screen name

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    newslim...i am checking out the site that you's AWESOME..thank you so very much.

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    I am SO happy! I'm near the end of Round 1, lost 25 and my old - have not been worn forever - clothes feel FABULOUS! I was very careful about the protein weights, exact on fruits, gave up the bread when I heard it was most likely slowing me down and sure enough - did great. I was more concerned about the calorie count of the remaining vegies and bringing my total calorie count to just under 500 / day than measuring them.

    This is the best diet I've ever been on - it actually works! And - I am not suffering!

    Anyone else tried the miracle noodles? Fantastic - helps to add a little bulk to the meal and increase the fiber, just had my first meal with them tonight - Yummy! go to if you're curious.

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    CJ...yes I do...I am an officer in Florence

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    newslim....i'd like to try to noodle thingies but i'm not sure that i can do that with only being in phase I. whatch think ?
    by the way...anyone have a nice spaghetti sauce recipe within our allowed items ?

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