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Thread: Water can tuna-Phase 2

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    Water can tuna-Phase 2

    Is this allowed?

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    Hi!! Technically, in the original But...I have eaten it on every round and always lost with it. I use the excuse that in Dr S's day, all canned tuna was packed in oil, not obviously it would be a no go on p2. For me, I can't eat alot of the allowed fish, so it was a necessity to try the tuna, just to have something different. My advice is to try at your own risk, see how you do. Get good albacore tuna....not the cheap generic stuff.

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    I am on R2P2 and had albacore tuna in water. We'll see how it goes in the morning. I am a HUGE fan of mayo. I can eat it on ANYTHING. So tuna without it is kinda weird for me. But I ate it with bragg's and mustard with miracle noodles. It was pretty good!

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    I've used it every round with no problems. But technically it's not on protocol, use at your own risk.

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    I'ts not "allowed" per say, but white albacore is a white fish which is technically on protocol. You should be fine as long as it is packed in water, and you drain of that water. Compared to other proteins and fishes it actually has less fat, but for some reason it's considered a high fat fish. I had it for about half of my first round and did well, the only reason I stopped was because I got sick and tired of dry fish, lol.

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    Albacore tuna does have more mercury than light in it. I only eat the light. Try to get Natural Sea brand, chunk light tuna variety. This has lowest or no mercury. Note also that many brands of canned tuna now contain "vegetable broth." This is code for MSG and other hidden ingredients.
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    This is an old post, but I thought I'd add that if you look at Bumblebee's website, they list as part of the ingredients for White Albacore in water is made with vegetable broth. I don't know what veggies they add to the broth.

    Incidentally I've had it twice so far in P2 and have been fine. @LittleWoman I have the same problem of needing mayo, however I was able to stand using Guldens Spicy Mustard instead! It's not too bad and goes down well.

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    I only used it twice thinking it was okay, and it caused problems for me. That was the only off-protocol thing I tried. Of course I didn't know or think to use albacore, I just used the cheapo stuff.

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    I tried it in my first round, & lost weight with it. But, water-packed tuna is so nasty! It is so dry & unappetizing! There are so many other options that ARE on protocol, I crossed it off my list.

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    I love Wild Planet Skipjack -- it is the lowest mercury of any available tuna, and also low fat and calorie. I haven't tried it yet on the VLCD, but definitely will bring a can along with me if I get in a pinch.

    Since the tuna is so much higher quality than most, its a little bit expensive. But you usually can get a case of 12 for around $2 a can on Amazon.

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