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Thread: A weird question regarding oils/lotions?

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    Question A weird question regarding oils/lotions?

    I remember being on the HCG diet and not being able to use certain lotions for the reason that when there is HCG in your body your skin absorb oil way easier and can store it as fat in your body. Keeping that in mind when I recently found out I am pregnant it raised the question if that same rule applies here since your body produces HCG while pregnant. Trying to stay healthy and gain the minimum amount of required weight during this pregnancy so please, please help or share any experiences you've had with this.

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    No, you're fine. The diet is a precise protocol, and a high dose negates the effect. Your hcg levels are ginormous now. My daughter ate very healthy in her pregnancy and only gained about 25 pounds which she lost immediately. Eat good fats like grassfed butter, fish, grassfed beef, lots of veggies and fruit, whole grains, for example and you'll nourish you and your baby very well! When you have cravings for ice cream, choose a really healthy brand that isn't filled with additives like Strauss. Good luck with that little one--exciting time!

    Oh and edited to say she used a book by Dave Asprey and his wife Lara on how to eat to nourish the baby. Our little Elijah is crazy smart so I think it works!
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