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Thread: yesterday was my last injection!!!

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    yesterday was my last injection!!!

    and now i am scared!!!

    when i first started hcg, i did it all wrong. i ate the wrong food, didn't drink enough water, exercised. luckily, someone gave me a verbal spanking and got me on the right path. the problem was that my clinic basically just had you eating under 800 calories, but allowed most foods.

    well, after 40 days strictly on protocol except for the 2 days that i fell off the wagon and regretted it deeply when i weighed myself, i have lost a total of 20 lbs which i am EXTREMELY excited about!!! in reality, i only could really lose another 5 lbs before i would be at my goal weight and i figure that once i re-incorporate exercise in, i might drop a couple of more lbs. but... i couldn't be any happier with what i have lost and if that last 5 don't drop, they don't drop.

    anyhoo, i had a few questions and i was hoping that someone could help.

    1. last injection, thursday am. first atkins meal sunday am?

    2. atkins. do i just jump right in? are there any specifics i should pay attention to, i.e., protein amounts, calorie or carb limits (or calorie minimums for that matter!), etc.?

    3. food sensitivity. i have never noticed any before, but how would i know?

    4. anything else?

    i have read the list of food i can't have, but i just feel that that leaves so much to the imagination and so much that i could mess up.

    i really appreciate the help!!!

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    Yes Sunday is good. And no you don't jump right in. Go slowly with the "iffy" foods like eggs, dairy and nuts. Add just one a day and eat that for 3 days before you add something else. At least double your protein. You'll be fine.
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    ugh. i just deleted my reply. wah.

    the only part i won't condense is my thank you. you and others like you have kept me on this diet in times that i just wanted to quit. i am so thankful to you for the amount of time and effort that you put in to help people like me. thank you, thank you, thank you! truly!

    i do have another question, though. do i ramp up my calories or do i just dive right into atkins? are there other diets that you would recommend more than atkins?

    thanks again!!!


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