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    does anyone know if zipfizz is ok on phase 2? I came across it at Costco and wondering if this would be an acceptable beverage for the diet.

    I also found it on amazon here.

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    LOL if I knew what that was I would try to help you.....

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    its a powder you add to water. its sugar free and all vitamins but it has glucose polymers which I dont even know what that is.

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    I had to open the thread just because I was curious to see what zipfizz is......still clueless so sorry not much help here.

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    I just looked it up.

    "What ingredients are in ZipFizz
    (ZipFizz Citrus) Citric acid potassium carbonate, natural flavors, calcium ascorbate, magnesium glycinate, xylitol, potassium bicarbonate, glucose ploymers, sodium bicarbonate, acesulfame potassium, guarana seed extract, L-arginine, potassium citrate, L-taurine, silica, sucralose, niacin, zinc amino acid chelate, grape seed extract, manganese gluconate, d-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, green tea leaf extract, alpha-lipoic acid, pyridoxal-5-phosphate, chromium dinicotinate glycinate, cyanocobalamin, D-calcium pantothenate, American ginseng root extract, ginger root, selenium-L-methionine complex, riboflavin-5-phosphate, thiamin hydrochloride, and folic acid.
    Calories: 10
    Sugar content of ZipFizz Energy Drink Mix: Contains no sugar."

    "Polycose Glucose Polymers
    An easily digestible source of carbohydrate calories for use when additional calories are required. Mixes easily with regular foods and beverages to provide extra calories for persons with increased caloric needs or for those whose normal diet does not meet their needs. "

    Zipfizz also contains sucralose, which is another name for Splenda.
    Sucralose is a synthetic compound, which — without going into too much scientific detail –is basically sugar modified by adding chlorine atoms. Sucralose, incidentally, was discovered in the 1970s by researchers looking to create a new pesticide.

    Zipfizz seems to be a mixture of carbohydrates, sucralose and supplements. Not an ideal drink for people trying to get healthier by losing weight.

    I should stick to water.

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    Zip what? LOL...never heard of it, but it has a good funny name. Where can we get this?

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    It is sold at Costco. It is a powder that you add to water and comes in 3 flavors. I wouldn't go near it until P4. I use it once in a while when I am bored of plain water. It is good after a workout. You can add it to a big water bottle, it is low in calories and good for getting some extra vitamins and energy. Tastes great!


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