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Thread: Hcg 2.0 411 Information

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    Hello all, I hope you don't mind my joining in. I am happy to see so many people doing well with this new version of the diet.

    azbonnie, that is great!!! I too have been lurking and wanted to share how I have done so far. I'm not as far along as you are yet (just started last week), but I have done the original protocol in the past and was thrilled when I read about 2.0 and decided I wanted to try it (ordered the kindle version asap). I am down 8.6 on day 7....

    I am one of the bad guys though.....I treat myself every night with 2 SF jello cups with 2 TBSP of FF cool whip...

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    Glad this forum has picked back up. I kept checking and no one was chatting! I was sad. welcome Tynk and Azbonnie! im on 30 with a 5 day break as I had to wait for new drops. in the 30 days I've had 4, 4 day stalls and I've lost 12lbs. which, I guess if you look at it, is almost 1/2 lb a day. but, this has been by far the hardest on my nerves!! yesterday had 1.4 lb loss only to wake up to a 2 lb gain, half went away in about an hour. but still!! was hoping to lose 20 total, but not looking like that is going to happen. unless, I go for the 40 day which is/had not been in my plans. I was planning on stopping drops tomorrow and starting p3 this weekend. as we are going to my Aunts. but she knows I am bringing my own food, so why not let it be p2 food and see what happens by Monday or Tuesday. then I'm done for sure I think. Easter is coming and I'd like to see what I can and cant eat before then. this is my 6th round losing same 20. but first 2.0. really like the food options!

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    Quote Originally Posted by azbonnie View Post
    So I have been lurking for awhile and thought I might chime in. I was basically looking for how others were doing on 2.0. I'll share my experience so far:

    I have successfully done Simeons rounds in the past. I am on day 35 of 2.0. My weight has gone from 163 to 139 with no lengthy stalls in the round. 24lbs in 35 days!

    So since its the Rogue Forum: I have been cooking with coconut oil and eating cocoa crack, about 2 TBSP per day. I have diet sodas, stevia, heavy cream and zero calorie Monsters, all with no ill effects. I eat riced cauliflower, spiraled zucchini and squash, sugar free salsa with nearly every meal, and an egg white omelet every morning. Oh yeah, I slather bath and body lotion on every day, no more dry skin during rounds for me.

    This round has been markedly easier than my previous rounds, I am used to 11 plus day stalls on standard protocol. I plan to stay on this round until I hit 129.

    I sincerely hope everyone is as successful at 2.0 as I have been. I definitely prefer it to standard protocol in every way!
    Awesome results AZ Bonnie. Thank you for sharing. You are surely a testament to the effectiveness of this plan.

    I LOVE the freedom that 2.0 provides. Tonight I'm sauteeing shrimp in coconut oil and serving it over "Zoodles"! Quite the difference from my dinners of plain fish and "dry sautéed" spinach on the original protocol--blergh.

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    I saw this discussed over on Lovely Losers so I downloaded the book. Wow, first of all, I love that someone did an update. I could never completely get on board with the idea that Simeons perfected this protocol and any changes would be blaspheme. They say all scientific knowledge is replaced every 5 years at this point in time. So hurrah that someone had the courage to do an update. I generally do Simeons as written, but maybe not, I was originally given the protocol by a doctor's office and was allowed a protein drink up to 2x/day if wanted. I've always used it at least for breakfast and have always had great losses and maintenance. I've added kale or other types of cabbage veggies without an issue. Other than that I suppose I've followed pretty much as written. Ok though, second why I love this 2.0, He gives an awesome loading day sample menu. Love it! I may do another round mid-April so I have some time to figure out how 2.0 would work for me.

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    I am VLCD2 today and read the 2.0 book last night. It makes more sense to me than the Simeons protocol as written. I lost about 20lbs on the Simeons protocol back in 2010, but I remember it not being the best time of my life. I am back on HCG as a last resort, as my weight and hormones have gone crazy. I cannot lose weight no matter what I do at this point! I came back to HCG from a low carb/ketogenic diet, so the protocol as written has a lot more carbs than I am used to eating. I'm hoping that this protocol will help sort things out. I did not lose yesterday, but I ate one apple. I was definitely hungry about an hour or so after eating it, so I know I should avoid fruit for the time being. Today I just ate my protein and veggies and seem to feel better so far, though I only ate about 400 calories today. I think I may try eating breakfast tomorrow morning. I think that will make my days more manageable. Has anyone done the 2.0 protocol and stabilized well in P3?

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    Yes, definitely. 2.0 sets you up to stabilize well. I'm experimenting now with mini-rounds, and that's another story, but when I did 2.0 as prescribed, I lost well and stabilized well.

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    Hey guys so right now I'm doing the 500 traditional hcg and am finding it very hard to go about my day so I've been thinking about switching over to 800z

    Where would I start?

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    Hi all! I'm starting 2.0 tomorrow. I had a successful round on the regular protocol 2 years ago, but have struggled on past rounds to stick with such a low calorie count. Any tips on 2.0? Do you try to stay within a calorie and carb range? I have the book and Siesta Diet but wasn't sure who followed which on this thread? Or which shows best results. I'd love any tips or help! Thanks!!

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    Hcg 2.0 411

    Laura -- There is also a siesta beach thread, but this is the 2.0 thread. 2.0 is very specific on both calories and carbs. There is a calculation for determining your lean protein calories. You get 30 g carb or less. Total carbs, not net.

    Linda -- The 800 calorie protocol is a different one than 2.0

    Good luck, regardless which approach you choose!

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    Hi everyone! I am hoping to start 2.0 soon!! I am wondering were everyone gets their hcg?

    A bit of background on myself and my journey I started my first round of hcg in on October 5th 2012 it is a day that I will always remember because it changed my life! I weight 242lbs after several rounds, I was able to by the following spring I hit 165 and been fairly stable for the 3 years, that was until the last 2 months. I had to have my appendix out and adhesion's removed. So I am I am ready to get back on track!!

    Today I weight 184 I have been as low as 158 and would like to get back to 160 before summer starts. I have been lurking on the 2.0 Facebook page and thinking that I would like to try this method. It has been a few years since I ordered hcg drops and wondering where everyone is getting good hcg drops from? Thanks in advance for your guidance and I am looking forward to continuing my journey will all of you!!

    Just wondering if anyone has ordered them from Inside Out Wellness the 2.0 creator?

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    Monti, we're twins! I started HCG at about 250. Lots of rounds later, I'm in the 160's. Have been in the 150's and hope to get there again.

    No help with hhcg, though. I do injections.

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    Good afternoon,

    I am giving hcg 2.0 some consideration. I tried HCG, the original protocol about 1 year ago. I couldn't do it. I got snippy and I am someone who loves to workout. I just did not have any energy.

    I will be 40 in 2 weeks and I am at 203 pounds standing an entire 5'2" tall. I'm not happy with that. I am just completely uncomfortable with myself.

    I found this thread because I was researching about the Siesta Beach Diet. I am going to buy the HCG 2.0. My questions are:
    Have any of you started off doing 2.0 without ever trying the OP? If so, how is/did working?
    Also, I did the hcg shots before. Can anyone recommend whom they use for their shots?

    Many thanks and have a wonderful day.

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