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Thread: Hcg 2.0 411 Information

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    I stalled for a few days...according to Zach's emails, that is common. So I'm trying to figure out if it was the "common" stall or if I caused it. I had bought the ingredients to Grammy's Inflammation Smoothie and they were getting to the point where they needed to be used or thrown. So I whipped up the concoction and drank it. Cleaned me out within a few hours. However, that lost weight came back plus more without any other changes to my 2.0 protocol. I'm thinking the whole Lime in the smoothie took me out of Ketosis. And then I had some lemons to use up so my hubby made me a gallon of beautiful lemonade with Stevia and Himalayan Salt--Yummy! However, it occurred to me that maybe I shouldn't even be having the "juice of 1 lemon" either. My serving of lemonade was more like 1/2 a lemon. The whole drink is more like a healthy Gatorade with the salt and Stevia. So Janeen, did I mess up using lime and lemon on 2.0? I was back down all that extra weight plus down another new pound this morning thankfully. But I really love that lemonade and hope it won't mess me up if I drink more of it.

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    I think you're ok with lemons and limes, but do add them to your carb count. On OP, I used to have a hot lemon tea each morning -- just lemon, stevia, hot water, pinch salt. I haven't done it so much on 2.0, though. I'm usually saving carbs for a glass of cabernet!

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    Hi all. I am mixing tomorrow and traveling.

    I need to inject on Thursday so I am thinking of loading one syringe and putting it in an ice chest.

    Any tips or thoughts about keeping my dose chilled?

    ~Bella Donna~

    53 years old
    Current: size 10-12
    goal: size 8-10

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    I have done that, no problem.

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    Hello All!! Just wanted to peek my head in and say hello. I've been a lurker for years, but never actually posted. I have done HCG several times, and once expderienced a 40lb loss in 60 days. I have sense gained ALL of the weight back, plus more due to a life threatening illness and having to be on steroids. I'm all cured and healed up now and losing the excess weight is actually critical to helping me continue to thrive.

    I just learned about the specifics of the HCG 2.0 plan today (I've had the book for two years, but somehow never read it). This plan makes perfect sense and is compatible with my proven best method of weight loss (low-cabr/ketosis). I'm grateful this forum is here and look forward to learning and sharing more.

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    Welcome, Ella!

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    Thanks Janeen. Needed that reassurance. Do not want to waist money.lol

    Welcome Akapella

    So I weighed and umm, YIKES. I will use that as my start weight as I wont have a scale in the hotel. Cannot wait for the first week to end with the largest losses and thin down
    this face of mine. Its not good.

    Off I go on a trip and will chat at ya all when I return. Saturday is my day one Long round is my goal.

    Take care
    ~Bella Donna~

    53 years old
    Current: size 10-12
    goal: size 8-10

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    Morning Bella Donna, So glad to see YOU here!! I started loading this morning to do a little clean up round. I just got back from a week in Nashville getting my daughter all tucked in for grad school and I'm so ready to turn the attention to ME!!! How are you? I downloaded the 2.0 guidelines and thinking about seeing how that goes for me....especially since anything over 10 lbs. the time will be great and I really do want to be able to start my tennis league in 2 weeks and hoping the extra protein allowed on 2.0 will allow me to do so. What are your thoughts on the 2.0 vs. the original protocol? Again, so glad to see you here!! KMac

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    Hi all, I'm so pleased to see an active 2.0 thread. I'm loading the next few days and will be joining in with smiles and encouragement. I've done 3 previous rounds of POP Hcg with lots of success. I've had a rough few years with taking care of elderly parents with TONS of stress involved because of major health issues. However, the absolute difference is my inability to continue the clean eating after phase 4. Each time, something seems to happen in my life that causes me to put myself 2nd or 3rd inline with time and attention. I'm truly miserable with 10-15 extra pounds which makes no sense that I allow myself to re-gain it!!!!!!!!!!! With lots of self reflection as to what happened and why it happened etc...........I've come to the realization that I simply don't continue to put MY own needs and health before others. Which is crazy because MY own good health is necessary to actually TAKE CARE of the "others" that I'm responsible for. Does that make sense?

    I look forward to a positive journey with you guys. I'm concentrating on FATS....with my loading this time and I'm only going to load 2 days instead of 3.

    Here I go..........KMac

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    Hi!! You know what's funny? I almost PM you to come join me if you needed to do a round! haha I love it. Congrats on DD going to grad school. Not surprised from what I learned from her academic achievements prior. Sorry on the rough go with parents. My mom is really suffering these days as well but my sister-in-law is the primary right now.

    I think that 2.0 makes total sense. Especially what we know about ketosis and protein plus just an apple alone has so many carbs. I don't eat the grissini so the newer plan for me, a little more calories ( 620), mixing veggies and keeping carbs low....perfect. Plus this plan allows a little more freedom of choice and doesn't major on the minors. The book clearly states to try little, new things like soy sauce, etc and see how you do.

    I loaded for 2 days and I gained 3 pounds. My first day I didn't focus on fats as we were traveling. However yesterday I did. I have a long term goal and just taking it day by day, meal by meal to not over think it. I do have a plan to try my first 10 days with egg whites and seafood. I lose the best on those but I have other options as well.

    The HGC diet is completely supported by this very respected endo/thyroid/hormone doctor here. He is top rated in the country! He said yes all the way to HCG and then to really consider paleo for maintenance. I will throw in some fasting as that's the norm for me.

    Well good luck!!

    Todays goal: 30 minutes of walking, 2 liters of water, 620 calories of lean protein, cooked spinach, zucchini zoodles. A splash of APV and 1 tsp of MTC oil to cook with. And home made broth, magnesium, biotin.

    I know we are not to have a massage Suffering from sore neck muscle pain for weeks. Ugh.

    Hi all...have a great day!
    ~Bella Donna~

    53 years old
    Current: size 10-12
    goal: size 8-10

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    Bella, you sound like you have it planned out well!! I'm glad, because I may have a few questions. I'm just loading 2 days this time. Yesterday, I had peanut butter, cheese, nuts, rib eye steak, loaded baked potato and buttered bread. I was miserable!!! Today i'm having ice cream, avocados and salmon. Not sure what dinner will be but maybe my favorite pizza. I can't load another day. I fill like a whale. Trying to concentrate on FATS, instead of sugar/carbs. The 2.0 makes sense to me as well. I've never had the breadsticks on the original and I think the 1/2 grapefruit, 1 apple and 3.5 oz. of strawberries is most definitely more than 30 grams of carbs which would have totally kept me from ketosis. Plus, I usually had more protein and less fruit anyway.....because that is what made me fill most satisfied. I know exactly what I have to do to maintain afterwards........I have to eat Paleo. Luckily, I love protein and most every veggie. I don't crave sweets either. My big VICE is the wine!!!! Also, putting myself off to go/do/care for others. I'm tired of yo-yo-ing these 10-15 pounds. It all goes back to sticking with the plan......which is consistently eating clean. It will be much easier for me now that my daughter is (out of the house). We sure loved having her home for the past year but..........enough is enough!!! The little bird needs to move out of the nest.....permanently. She never wanted or liked what I was cooking and sort of held me hostage with meals. (my own fault for allowing it!) But, the meals should be easy......meat and veggies are simple. Also, my son has moved out as well. So, I am truly EMPTY NESTING and I LIKE IT!! No excuses. I get to decide what I want to eat and then cook it. Luckily my hubby is flexible and doesn't care much what I put on the plate. I am truly hell bent on getting the post game plan right this time. I ordered Rejuvi Medical this time instead of my usual clinic. I ordered my HCG with the B-12 so I'm hoping to get some extra energy. My calorie calculation is only 544 calories..........so, not much more than 500!! But, on my last 2 rounds.....I averaged about 350-375 calories per day. Never got to the 500 because of the protein limitations. So, this time.....I'm going to increase my proteins which will push me towards my total calorie limit. I'm hoping I'll feel a lot better. We shall see. Well, let's get on with this!!!!!!!! I'm sure I'll gain a few pounds with the load. I'm so grateful we ended up here together.....I was really dreading going through this 2.0 alone. I didn't know there was a thread here when I decided on my start date. I feel lucky. Now, I just hope I get lucky over the next month and have another very successful round. I cheated a bunch my last round and still lost 17 pounds. In fact, I've lost 17-19 lbs. on all 3 of my previous rounds. It is weird that I lost the same amount of weight regardless of strict protocol or not. I'm really hoping that the Ketosis makes a difference. I like your mind set of making meal prep/plan low key. We've done this before, it's easy. Just gotta stay focused. Looking forward to spreading the protein out and eating more for sure.

    Anyone else just starting 2.0? Any suggestions from those that have done 2.0 before? What is biggest difference, biggest challenge from the original?


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    Kmac: I've done both OP and 2.0 and the biggest difference for me is eating more protein makes me feel satisfied and not scrounging around for junk food or even thinking about it much at all. I haven't had sugar in almost a month and am doing great with Kal or California Gold Organic Stevia. I have been eating lots of seafood--baked cod, walleye, mahi mahi & Orange Roughy (though I found out that one is higher in mercury than the others) plus Skip Jack Tuna from Trader Joe's is low in mercury, fat & calories. 1/2 a can in the morning--plain with a little sea salt--is perfect for the "1/2 serving of protein" Zack recommends.

    I ended up with a UTI late Thursday night so I went into P3 earlier than planned. Interestingly, the only medicinal item for UTI that I could find in the house at Midnight was Colloidal Silver. Couldn't manage to drive 20 miles to the nearest store for Cranberry Juice in my condition. Did a little research on Curezone...so after drinking about a 1/2 cup of CS, I was able to feel almost normal a few hours later at 3 am! I had one of these infections 25 years ago and it took a full 10 days on A/B to feel relief. For the last week, I had been incredibly tired and needing 2-3 hour naps. Now I understand why!

    So today I was able to add fat back into my diet and I took it slow. I'm basically eating the same foods as on P2 except I added some Swiss cheese to my huge salad, some Olive Oil to my Shrimp Stir-fry and pastured butter to my eggs this morning. I still ate Baked Cod for supper. And I've been drinking Organic Cranberry (no added sugar) Juice for my UTI.

    I bake my fish in my Convection Toaster Oven--I pour or squeeze a little lemon juice on it first both sides, then I add salt, pepper & dill weed. Bake for 18-22 minutes at 350 degrees depending on how thick the piece(s) is. It's one of my favorite meals on P2. And I don't worry about eating a large fillet or 2 small ones on 2.0 because it's a challenge to get in all that protein anyway!

    I ended my P2 down 23.5 lbs in 32 days of P2 including the last 3 days without hcg. Considering I was battling an unknown infection for the last week, I am still happy with my losses and hoping my round starting next month will go a little smoother.

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