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Thread: Hcg 2.0 411 Information

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    There is a free smart phone app for 2.0. It has calculators you can use to figure out how many calories of protein you should eat. You would not eat grissini/melba & fruit. You stay under 30 g of carbs from your veggies. You can also read part of the book on the app.

    ROUND 1:
    02/07 = 222.5#
    03/29 = LIW 188.2# (Total loss 34.3#)

    ROUND 2:
    05/14 = 181.6#
    05/20 = 170.2#
    05/27 = Let's not talk about it! Haha!
    06/03 = 164.4#
    06/10 = 163.4#
    07/13 = 155.4#
    07/14 = LIW ______ (Total loss_______#)

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    And there's a quick summary about 6 posts before this one. Good luck!

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    I didn't know about the app. I just got it -- very handy!

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    Thanks for even alerting me to 2.0! I mean, there were discussions about 700kcal protocols and rogue versions years ago, when I did hcg for the first time... just got the book through iTunes last night and will read some more today.

    It looks like it is closer to what I was doing before. Never did grissini, only ever an apple occasionally, and usually upped my protein to 300g, and dependent on source.

    I was usually paleo in between rounds, just totally carbed-out the last... cough... six months or so. So truly appalled at myself, but **** happens. I am not even weighing myself, since truly, that is just numbers. I don't want to know how bad it got, I don't want to know how fast I am losing - I just want to feel better again, have the pain in various parts of my body subside, and have my jeans fit better again.

    My main excuse to not hcg or paleo for a while is truly being unable to cook. Just cannot face that, period.

    So for now, I am making substitutions, too. We have chicken and turkey cold cuts ready-packed, 2% fat, with some teeny-tiny dextrose and additives thrown in, but that only carry 100 kcal per 100g - not paleo, but def low-carb. Some low fat cottage cheese, about 70 kcal per 100g. So that is what I am doing for now, while I slowly wrap my mind around entering the kitchen again. Usually, at the end of my hcg round, I am roaring to throw real food in my sous vide or slow cooker again... hoping for that to happen again.

    As on the last rounds, I am still doing small amounts of low-fat milk in my coffee, still do sweeteners and coke zero.

    Curious to see how he stacks the vegetables in the book. Right now, I am mainly doing cherry tomatoes and cucumber, will add some premade asparagus today. Those I am usually fine with, though broccoli never caused me to stall, either.

    Hope to chat some more with you? Only Day 4 here... but it seems like I am fine on dose this time, which is a relief - I had a round where no matter what I did, I was constantly starving... never want that again.

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    Hcg 2.0 411

    There is not much chatting on this thread. You should hop over to the lovely losers. Lots of chatting and support there. We're in the "Homeopathic HCG" threads I think. We start a new thread each month, so we're in "marvelous and motivated in March" now, but will change tomorrow. Not everyone is homeopathic, some do 2.0 some are Siesta Beach, and some follow original protocol. Good luck.

    STARTING WEIGHT: 157.4 (LIW 150)
    HEIGHT: 5'-9"
    GOAL WEIGHT: 145

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    But be aware that the protocol for the lovelies group is POP original protocol only. It's very, very chatty, but if you want to discuss off-protocol, do it elsewhere. Talk about 2.0 here. And welcome!

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    Hcg 2.0 411

    Today is VLCD 1 for me.

    Here's how I keep track: my protein calories are 545. I use MFP and set my total calories to 545. I enter all my protein for the day under breakfast. MFP counts down the calories for me. I do this first thing in the morning, so my protein is completely pre-planned.

    Then I enter all my carbs for the day under lunch. Now I ignore the calories and just watch the carb grams. I can add them as I go, and I definitely weigh everything. Easy peasy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Janeen View Post
    I didn't know about the app. I just got it -- very handy!
    I must of downloaded the wrong app or it's not working on my phone or something. I don't see where to enter what you're eating. This one is very limited https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...nt.hcg20&hl=en

    What app did you post the screenshots from?

    Weight Loss Support Group

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    The screenshots are from MyFitnessPal. It's a great tool for tracking food/calories/grams/weight.

    The hcg 2.0 app is more of a handy-dandy info about hcg2.0.

    Here's what it looks like:

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    Today is VLCD 4 for me. -8.4 lbs in 3 days. Happy.

    6. *174.6. *VLCD1
    7. *170.4. -4.2
    8. *168.0. -2.4
    9. *166.2. -1.8

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    Joining in this thread...still reading the book, joined the FB group and doing a modified version of this but will be all in as soon as I finish the book, or maybe start tomorrow. I just updated my MFP settings for my allowed protein cals (606). I have kind of been following Siesta Beach the last few days. I also DL that book, so am learning more about both.

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    Me: down 9.6 in 5 days!

    6. *174.6. *VLCD1 * 64
    7. *170.4. -4.2. * *64
    8. *168.0. -2.4 * Hungry 64
    9. *166.2. -1.8. *Starving. +1 pro*
    10. 166.4 *+0.2 * Skip
    11. 165.0 *-1.4. *60*

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