Welp, here I am on VLCD3 on my second round using the 2.0 protocol. I planned to be done with hCG (not that I don't love the results, but lasting food aversions developed through rounds spanning many years pushed me to the 2.0 protocol, and I even modify THAT, and well, I'm just over it). I finished my last round in October of last year with the plan to finish up my weight loss with a LCHF diet. It was all going fine until influenza hit in December, which caused my asthma to flare up and forced me into TWO ROUNDS of prednisone. I gained back everything I lost. I'm not patient enough to wait for it to come off over the course of a couple of months and then move along with LCHF, so here I am! Will do a short round due to travel plans; probably 23-25 days (not including load days). Cheers to any fellow 2.0-ers! Let's git 'er done!