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Thread: Can I Take Maca with hCG Diet Phase 2?

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    Cool Can I Take Maca with hCG Diet Phase 2?

    Hello everyone!

    Can I take Maca Peruvian in hCG Diet Phase 2?

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    Senior Member Jayk's Avatar
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    I looked up the info on Maca and I myself would say it is not on protocol, so no would be my answer.

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    Super Chief-Ninja Moderator grammy1952's Avatar
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    No it's not on protocol. sorry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nikaway View Post
    Hello everyone!

    Can I take Maca Peruvian in hCG Diet Phase 2?
    I know technically its not on the original protocol, Jen (nutritionist with Dietdoc) and I would say its ok on the 2.0 HCG diet
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    If you are doing our protocol, we limit you at a certain amount of carbs. We would review this with you and could make this fit in.

    For OP, I would say no.
    For 2.0 I would say yes
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