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Thread: Caramelized food is not equal to uncooked food

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    Caramelized food is not equal to uncooked food

    Hi, long time lurker here (3rd round and minus almost 60 pounds) and I joined the forum just to ask about one thing that has been really bugging me. Every time I eat caramelized onions or apples I have either a gain or a stall. I've noticed this trend and it just doesn't make sense to me. You wouldn't believe how much time I have wasted looking into this since I am such a science geek but it seems there is no definitive answer on this. Some argue that if you look at food as pure molecules, nothing of substance is added or subtracted during cooking (with water or baking, no fat) and therefore you are not adding calories. Therefore the calories should be the same and you should not have a problem. However, if you think of food as energy, you kinda are adding energy in terms of heat, and therefore you could argue that the caramelized food has more energy and therefore possibly more calories. Finally, there is the denaturing of the proteins which apparently doesn't ADD sugar but does make the food taste sweeter. However, that denaturing could make the food more readily absorbed and you get more calories that way. Plus, it does change the glycemic index of the food. I've looked into past postings and it appears others don't have problems with caramelized onions or apples so I am curious if I am the only one. FWIW, I've just given up on carbs at this point on this (hopefully last) round and gone HCG 2.0, but it'd still be nice to figure out how to eat an onion again as I liked them and they are good for soup! Apples, kinda sick of them at this point!

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    Cooking methods can definitely affect they way our bodies react to foods.

    Just for an example, raw broccoli is considered goitrogenic, but cooked broccoli is not. Raw lemon juice is alkaline to the body, but cooked lemon juice is acidic to the body.

    You really do need to find a way to eat healthy carbs. Continuing on a low to no carb diet will eventually disrupt your thyroid and adrenals. And the damage seems to happen quicker for women than men.
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