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Thread: Dangers of hcg diet

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    Dangers of hcg diet

    I have to start by saying I know a few people who did this diet with great results. I was optimistic and excited. I followed it to a tee for 7 days, but was hungry all the time. If anything, I wasn't drinking enough water. So I increased my water intake. I felt weak day 6 at bedtime and was getting nervous that something wasn't right. I shouldn't feel this bad. I had hyponatremia before on a cross country bike ride and it felt similar and made sense with the limited nutrients and so much water. But...others did it so easily, I was sure I was being a baby and my 'mentor' kept telling me to drink more water to avoid dehydration. So day 7...more of the same with increased water. Followed the diet strictly, drank lots of water and went to bed early feeling weak and chilled. I was afraid to sleep ! I got up about 12:30, disoriented and nauseous and decided to have some salt and vitamins. This is NOT HOW I SHOULD FEEL! Unfortunately, i must have blacked out. I remember hitting my nose on a door or wall and it bleeding profusely. I must have completely passed out because the next thing I knew I woke up about 20 minutes later in a pool of my own blood and vomit. I am not sure what woke me and I know I am lucky to have survived. I have a concussion and a severely bruised cheekbone and nose. I'm grateful I didn't break anything, there is no long term damage and I feel Lucky to be alive. Scariest experience of my life! Please be careful and listen to your body! You know it best!!

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    I'm sorry you had this experience. Unfortunately, it sounds like you were drinking too much water, which diluted your potassium, magnesium and sodium levels to a dangerous point. On this forum, we stress not drinking more than half your body weight in oz of water, and never more than about 100 oz of water. Also, electrolyte supplements are stressed, especially if you begin to feel dizzy. You should see a doctor and have your labs drawn to make sure you are getting back to normal, and that your concussion is healing.
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    You also don't saying what hcg or dose you were using. There are a TON of fake drops out there and a ton more clinics who put patients on doses much too high. Sorry you experienced such a bad night!
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    I'm sorry that happened to you and I'm glad you weren't permanently injured. What a frightening experience. And I'm also sorry your "mentor" wasn't more helpful. The diet recommends 2 liters of fluids per day, not unlimited amounts. And hunger is usually either caused by fake drops or too high a dose of hcg. Like you, I always get dizzy/weak in the beginning since the hcg seems to make my electrolytes drop. I have fainted so I make sure to supplement salt, potassium and magnesium. Good advice to listen to your body - if you don't feel right, find out what's wrong and fix it before it gets worse.

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    I had a similar experience the last time I had started a round. About day 5 I started getting dizzy when I stood, and I am an instructor so that's no Bueno. Day 7, at work, as someone was speaking to me I got really lightheaded and dizzy, blurred vision- I was blacking out, so I sat down and put my head between my legs. It was really really bad. A co-worker handed me a roll and I ate it out of needing to get through a work day. But it didn't help. I checked my blood pressure and it was very low, which was usual, but not that low. I was a miserable mess through a four hour class, and the rest of work.
    I broke the diet, went home, ate some more "regular" food, talked to my husband and decided to stop- I have kids and responsibilities.
    (This isn't my first round- this was my fifth, with no prior problems.) As you probably guessed I packed on pounds quickly! I felt a ferocious hunger and gained 14 lbs. since. I didn't want to give HCG a bad name, because it has worked such miracles in my life and I've had to defend it so often, but after researching and Low Blood Pressure and many HCG forums, I found that LBP can happen while anyone is dieting and to ADD MORE SALT INTO MY DAY, OR IF IT'S BAD- TAKE A TEASPOON OF SALT IN WATER. We drink so much water, and so little salt that it can cause problems in an already low blood pressured individual.

    I waited a month, and have began again with only little bouts of dizziness here and there. I just up the salt and actually lay flat with my legs up to encourage blood to my brain-- it absolutely helps. I even do yoga-type shoulder stands to get blood to my brain.

    It's workin! I'm on day 8 of phase 2, down 8 lbs., & doin the thing.
    Peeing is good for you, but too much of it lowers your blood pressure, (it's the kidney's function to monitor blood pressure by releasing fluids if it's too high, or retaining fluids if it's too low.) So, if you're already prone- there's some tips. ^
    I don't know your specific case, but the symptoms were very much the same. Good luck.

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    I believe this is a good thread for the boxing ring.
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    A potassium supplement while on P2 is essential to prevent this sort of thing! I don't know why this isn't stressed here.

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