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Thread: Does anyone else struggle with the fact the biggest loser...

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    Does anyone else struggle with the fact the biggest loser...

    Trainers now have all these quick ways to lose weight on the weightloss shelves?

    Anyone else feel this way or is it just me?

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    I find the people interesting and inspirational however it is ironic that the trainers preach slow weight loss is best everywhere else but work for and endorse a show that is about who can lose the most fastest. I am not exactly a believer in the 2 pound a week theory though. I think it really depends more on the person and there method of losing. I just like the say one thing do another mentality.

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    I stopped watching that show after the first one, when they started doing product endorsements, and the 'uber drama' with the losers... we are living in a profit driven world....
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    Totally agree. I LOVED Jillian from the old days, but when she introduced a line of fat burners, etc, I realized she'd gone over to the dark side and was all about the money.

    Since then, reading up on the show and what really goes on, soured me and I won't watch anymore.

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    I stopped watching it a long time ago too. I was ok with tough trainers pushing people past their comfort zone, no problem there. But the pushing turned to degrading and bullying that I'm not OK with. Not to mention it's a smoke and mirrors. They aren't losing weight by eating healthy and doing a little exercise. They workout crazy amounts and it's nothing an average person can do so there's not much in the show that helps anyone except the trainers and producers pocket books. Add in all the Brita and Extra "commercials" and it was more then I could take.

    It didn't surprise me to see them push pills now, I think the show is kind of running it's course and they want to secure the next money maker out there. Funny though from what I've researched the 3 amazing ingredients Bob promotes in his product are the exact drugs that they use in Xenadrine (think that is the one) he just uses one of the alternate names for them. So there's nothing newer or safer about his product, it's the same weightloss pill all the other brands are pushing he's just sticking his face on it, hoping no one notices.

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    I've noticed that too! I hadn't watched it in a few seasons, after my first round of hcg, I think. And I've read so much about how lots of that drama is staged.
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    I remember a few years ago my husband and I used to work out together during that show. Seriously, we would do our weights and stuff and watch it because it kept us so motivated! I also stopped watching when Jillian endorsed the first fat burner. So hypocritical.
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    one of the biggest losers does an ad on the radio for a fat burner because she gained more than half of her biggest loser weight back.

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    I record it too, so I can blast through all the commercial stuff, and most of the drama. One thing Ive noticed is the folks are never as thin again as they are on the final weigh in date. They continue that 8 hour a day work out ethic until that final wieigh in, and then they have to go back to a more reasonable 1 or 2 workouts a day, and they cant stay as lean that way. No one can.
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    A lot of them look too thin/gaunt/unhealthy at the finale and look healthier when they put back on a little bit of weight.


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