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Thread: My Chocolate Bark / Chocolate Delight Recipe

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    My Chocolate Bark / Chocolate Delight Recipe

    I tried a couple of the recipes out there for Chocolate Delight but the coconut taste was a little too much for me.

    So, after a few times making this I think I finally got it right.

    • 4 Tbsp Cocoa
    • 3 Tbsp Coconut Oil
    • 1 Tbsp Agave Nectar
    • 1 Packet Stevia
    • 6 drops of Stevia Clear
    • 6 drops of Vanilla Creme Stevia

    Mix together, pour into mini cupcake wrappers (I found some at Hobby Lobby), put in refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

    Some recipes say to freeze but mine seems to form really well in the refrigerator and is not so difficult to bite into. Its really a good alternative to chocolate candy.

    FYI, if you have not heard of this dessert and are concerned about eating this...

    I have heard that some use this to curb cravings on P2 without experiences a gain and many even see increased loss when used. It is recommended, however, that if you try this on P2, you should try a little at a time and see how it affects you.

    Coconut oil, is rich in a type of fat rarely found in other foods, called medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). When you eat MCTs, they go straight to the liver instead of going directly into circulation. There, they're burned up like kindling for a fire unlike other fats that are stored in your fat cells. Plus, your body requires extra energy to digest MCTs. Including them can increase the amount of calories you burn.

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    Thanks for this!

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    I tried the first batch using another recipe and threw it down the drain. so bitter. Found that after using your recipe it was perfect. Wow so gooood. I did use Carob powder instead of cocoa.
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    This is P3 right?
    Round 1 = 20 lbs loss
    P3 = living on the 2 lbs up line.

    Round 2 planned for mid May.

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    Technically this is a P4 item (agave nectar) ...but with any rogue users you can try it at anytime if you're willing to suffer the consequences.

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    I made some last night and at first it was super bitter so I remelted it. I added a little more stevia and some chili pepper. The Mayans used to do that to hot chocolate and it worked. It did not hinder my weight loss. It actually helped but then I'm going rogue.
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    What is the serving size for this recipe? Thanks.

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    I'm drooling already ....
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    Whats Carbo powder ?

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    Carob powder is similar to cocoa powder but a little less bitter. Not the same nutritionally either, but a lot of people prefer it.

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    This sounds good! I just made the cocoa crack and it's yummy! I know that coconut oil is used a lot in the hcg diet world. The clinic my friends going to has her adding it to all her shakes, and she cooks with it to. She's lost 50lbs so far and has been downing A LOT of the coconut oil.

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    I had cocoa crack today, 1 T coconut oil, 1/2 T stevia melted in hot water, 1/2 T cocoa powder. I froze it for about 30 mins (I sort of forgot about it lol) and went up to eat it. It was not as hard as I thought it would be... I think that's the added water with stevia making it softer. It was a tad bitter for my taste, but surprisingly creamy, and left a nice after taste/ smell in my kitchen lol.

    Now, the fun part. Soo I'm pretty gaga when it comes to experimenting. I've researched my ideas but couldn't find any trials. So I'm thinking...

    1. substitute cocoa for 1 T chocolate protein powder (i use isopure) to make less bitter, more protein too
    2. and if number 1 turns out okay, substitute for vanilla protein powder for a "white" chocolate

    And of course, it gets better.
    1. add dried fruit
    2. nuts

    And even better.
    1. after melted, pour half recipe into muffin tray
    2. spread nut butter or other SF toppings
    3. pour rest of recipe over topping
    4. freeze for a cocoa crack "candy bar" with toppings inside

    Okay, its so not p2, I know. I would wait for p3, or, make a batch for my mom to try. I told her about them, and she's "astounded" to quote her lol. But I usually try my experiments before giving them to others, so I may just wait for p3.

    If anyone's ever done the above (the protein powders)... let me know!!! Thanks.

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