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Thread: Eating Out Thread - P2 Fast Food!

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    Eating Out Thread - P2 Fast Food!

    Starting this thread for those that can't always eat at home and need to venture out and be able to function on P2 at cafes, restaurants or grocery - without bringing food with you.

    I'll start with a one of my "go-to"s:

    Starbucks - they are everywhere! Search into your GPS/Smartphone and you are there in 10 mins!

    - Tazo teas - cold or hot, unsweetened. Zero calories - bring your Stevia.
    - Caffe Americano - espresso with water. Order it with no diary. Zero calories -
    bring your Stevia (I like English Toffee Stevia in coffee).
    Strong coffee definitely curbs hunger if you have that - but also you need to
    follow it up with lots of water - filling.
    - Sandwiches & Salads - Turkey or Chicken and cheese - throw away the bread and cheese, eat the meat up to 4oz. Starbucks deli-meats are not loaded with sugars or additives, often come with a small plain salad, or you can buy a small side salad.

    Add yours to this thread...

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    I really tried to avoid fast food and restaurants on P2 and tried to make sure I always brought my food with me. I didn't always eat at home, brought lunch to work, brought dinner to friend's houses on occasion, brought snacks just in case, etc...Just because I couldn't eat at home didn't meant I was going to eat fast food. I had a chicken salad at Taco Bell, only time I ate fast food on P2, and had them hold everything except the lettuce and chicken. I used plain hot sauce (sugar free) as a dressing. Had a 1 lb gain the next morning! Just not worth it to me...

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    I think this is a great thread, we all find ourselves unexpectedly without food at some point. My first time caught without food was just recently. I opted for the local chinese restaurant, I ask to steam me some shrimp and cabbage, no sauces, no oils, steam only. They did exactly as I ask and it was pretty good! Day saved!!

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    For 2 days this week I was at a business conference at a swanky hotel in Las Vegas. The catered food was phenominal, some was plated - some was buffet. I have to say being on this protocol, it really opened my eyes to how in the US we are so conditioned to portions being large - large - large! It was unbelieveable to watch others mounding plates of starches and proteins dripping with sauces/fat. Then there was me - with a mound of lettuce squeezing lemons and dabbing the olive oil off of asparagus :-)

    Anyways, here is how I survived those days (a couple of examples) to give ideas:

    1. Ordered shrimp cocktail and asked for brown mustard
    2. Salads with white vinegar or lemon - I have to say a little boring :-)
    3. Deconstructed some chicken dishes, disecting into the breast only
    4. Steamed asparagus
    5. Ordering a salad, but asking for cucumber and tomato only - side of white vinager and add your own stevia
    6. Allowed fruits were readily available
    7. My favorite - order a turkey sandwich with lettuce & tomato, then deconstruct the turkey as protein and lettuce & tomato as salad

    Anyways, it was doable but I was really glad to return home and have more access and control - I think that is the key - when you are out and about you have to work at it with what is available!

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    Creative guys!

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    The one time I got stuck without food I went to Chick-Fil-A and had a grilled chicken sandwich without the bread (I did eat the lettuce and tomato). Still lost the next day. The only other time I ate out was for a big rivalry college football game that my friends and I always get together for (12 years now!). This year everyone decided on Buffalo Wild Wings. I ordered a grilled chicken salad without the cheese (so just lettuce, tomatoes and chicken) and used lemon for salad dressing. Another loss the next day.

    I know it's best and easiest to stay on protocol by cooking your own food, but when it's not possible: modify!
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    Last night out to dinner with family to Flemings Steak house at LA Live. Whoa - now there was a challenge, but.....

    I ordered the "Lite" filet (4oz's) with no oil or butter and cut off about 1oz. Also the Wedge salad - iceberg and tomato only - no dressing or blue cheese, and brought my own dressing (a mix of white vinegar, mustard, onion powder, dash of lemon juice, salt & pepper). Side of Perrier and lemon - and I made it!

    The rest of the table had gobs of steak, cheesy potatoes and the molten lava chocolate grenache with cream - it all looked and smelled good, but gosh - just loaded with fat and calories.

    This can be done out!

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    I was too scared to eat fast food on P2, but I don't travel or work long hours like lots of others do. On my last day of P3, I ate Papa John's unsauced wings with blue cheese dressing and did fine. Yummy!

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    I'm finding you can usually find something on menu and in stores that you can dissect to get to protocol foods while out. It takes some effort but is doable. Not saying make it a habit, but really helps when you want to be social and/or get out of your kitchen!

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    Glad to find this thread. Headed out Christmas shopping with my Mom tomorrow an just know she will want to eat out. Thinking grilled shrimp and veggie somewhere would work??? Or Chik-fil-a grilled salad picked apart. Bring my own apple and Melba.

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    When stuck and I have to eat out, I try for either steak, or mexican. At mexican restaraunts I usually get a beef fajita and only eat the meat and maybe the onions and lettuce if they serve some, sometimes only the meat. I have also eaten the meat out of a chile verde burrito and lost the next day, I'm sure there is some flour added to thicken up the mixture, but I don't eat the breadsticks so I figured it would be ok in a pinch, seemed to work out. I usually try for non chain places b/c there is less sugar/additives in their stuff.

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    If I have a planned day out, I just pack me a Jay Robb whey protein shake mixed with water and an apple to go. I've done that several times with no problems, at least I get my lean protein without giving in to fast food.

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