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Thread: Eating Out Thread - P2 Fast Food!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eggie View Post
    Zaxby's makes their salads fresh, not ahead of time like McD's, Wendy's, and other major chains. I've had luck with their House Zalad with grilled chicken, ask for no cheese and no fried onions. Skip the dressing and its only 225 calories according to their website. (Lists the ingredients and calories in each item.) It has some sliced tomatoes and some diced cucumbers, so I just skip my fruit. Chicken is never greasy and flavorful enough that I don't add anything else to the salad. Have thought about keeping some vinegar in my desk, but haven't bothered yet. First thing I do when I get back to my office is toss the toast to my dog.

    Chickfila is my second choice because their grilled chicken garden salads are pretty fresh for prepacked, and they put the cheese in a neat little pile in the corner so its easier to dispose of. Its hard to tell if the chicken is greasy or not because its cold. I know we shouldn't have broccoli in P2, but I always eat it anyways. Especially because the chicken portion is on the small side. Their website doesn't break down the components of the salad, but they claim the whole thing is only 180 calories sans dressing. (I find it hard to believe though, probably more like 200 or so.)
    You took the words right out of my mouth with both of these!!! I love the Zaxby's chicken caesar with chicken and lettuce only then add some lemon juice, salt and pepper - delish!

    I've done Mexican a few times with good luck. I haven't done the fajitas but I did lettuce and chicken salad of some sort with salsa "dressing". I think I tried Chinese once and didn't do well - probably due to the salt and/or MSG!!! YUCK!
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    Humm, I have to go to San Francisco for 2 days next week for business. I know there are plenty of eating places around the hotel. Guess I'll have to walk around when I get there and make some choices. Then again, I could do an interruption.

    Good Thread. Gives me something to think about...

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    In a pinch my friends and I all go to in and out hamburger extra tomato protien style mustard only and none of us have had any issues

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    Salads are my go to when eating out...sometimes I ask for lettuce and chicken only. And add diced apples if you're in a restaurant that has them. Here's my neat P2 dressing "trick". Ask for a small bowl of lemon slices with your salad and about 1/2 tsp of cinnamon.
    If you're like me and carry Stevia packets, you have the making for a great dressing. Squeeze the lemons in the bowl they came in, add about 1/4-3/8 tsp cinnamon to taste and then 1 packet of Stevia (actually I use Stevita packets I order on line at a great price!! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...SIN=B000QV8HMQ

    With the apples and chicken, it's YUMMY!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deelitefullyme View Post
    Humm, I have to go to San Francisco for 2 days next week for business. I know there are plenty of eating places around the hotel. Guess I'll have to walk around when I get there and make some choices. Then again, I could do an interruption.

    Good Thread. Gives me something to think about...
    what did you go with? im heading there this weekend!

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    KFC's grilled chicken breast, with a side of green beans optional, is my standard go to meal if I get caught out without food.

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    I know this is an old thread.
    Red Lobster:
    garlic grilled shrimp skewers (2 @ 60 calories, 0g fat and 12g protein each)
    Or shrimp cocktail (120 cals, 19g protein)
    or Broiled scallops (2 @ 70 calories and 12g protein each)
    + a house salad (ask for just lettuce and tomato) and balsamic or regular vinegar or lemon juice.

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    Most any place has a shrimp cocktail (don't use the cocktail sauce). Chinese buffet usually has a hibachi station, get shrimp and brocolli steamed with water only, no butter, oil or garlic (the garlic is usually in oil). TGI Friday's has a petite sirloin (6 oz), you can eat the whole steak for lunch and skip dinner. Ask for them to grill it with no oil or butter and pair it with a salad (no dressing or croutons). P2 can be done in restaurants if you are not afraid to order the food the way you need it done. I travel extensively and have done well on my last couple rounds using fast food. I have also used canned chicken breast (drained and rinsed) in hotel rooms, you can always get a dry salad somewhere.
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    Chili's has a 6oz sirloin and broccoli as a side as well :-)
    Lots of sodium though.
    Lighter Choice 6 oz. Classic Sirloin
    100% USDA Choice sirloin with carne asada rub and house-made pico de gallo. Served with steamed broccoli.
    7 g
    saturated fat
    3 g
    1470 mg
    12 g
    5 g
    38 g
    0.75 cup

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    Great recent ideas I know at one point someone had said that a McDonalds Hamburger is 100 grams and lean enough...also the Tilapia at AppleBees paired with steamed broccoli. This can be kind of iffy tho as I have ordered it and had it come back greasy tasting like it was grilled next to some steak so you really want to specify you want it grilled with NO oil...

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    Fuddruckers Buffalo burger (patty only!) is 275 calories and 4g fat, so it's not awful. You can use their leaf lettuce as a wrap, they have really good dill pickles, salsa, tomatoes, etc, so it's pretty do-able as a burger place goes. It's an 8oz patty (supposedly, I don't think the one I got was more than 6oz)so cut it in half and wrap half up for later:-)

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    I ate out a few times on P2 as my daughter plays travel fastpitch and we are ALWAYS out! It's not easy, believe me. I plan my food as much as possible, but sometimes it's just not possible. I've eaten at Cracker Barrel, Chili's, IHOP, La Parilla's, Laredos, Wendy's, ChickfilA...you name it. LOL.

    At sit down restaurants, I always request to have my meat choice cooked with no oil or butter only salt and pepper and seasonings (sometimes). It was never a problem. I typically would choose a Caesar salad minus the cheese, croutons and dressing and request lemon wedges on the side. I would get the funniest looks for sure. Mexican was easy - fajita salad, again I would always ask the meat not cooked in oil or butter and would not eat the taco shell! Most places I could always get a side of fresh tomatoes or fresh cucumbers. Fast food was/is definitely the hardest though - I would try to pick Subway if at all possible. Otherwise, it was a grilled chicken salad from somewhere and I would just pick out what I couldn't eat. I always get unsweet tea and add my stevia (that I always carry in my purse) because that just helps!

    Much to my surprise, I never really showed a big gain after eating out. The hardest part is seeing what everyone else is eating!!!
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