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Thread: Eating Out Thread - P2 Fast Food!

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    Emergency Food Picks when away from home

    Costco's ready-to-go shrimp ring w/lemon slice, 12 pieces (it comes w/ 3 dozen I believe)
    Shrimp Ceviche at fresh Mexican place (shrimp, cucumber, lime)
    Buffalo or lean hamburger served in lettuce wrap, mustard as condiment
    Chicken apple salad minus dressing

    Costco apple chips - only fresh fruit alternative I've found for variety (Barefruit brand, organic fuji apples w/nothing else added)

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    Quote Originally Posted by vivere View Post
    Starting this thread for those that can't always eat at home and need to venture out and be able to function on P2 at cafes, restaurants or grocery - without bringing food with you.

    I'll start with a one of my "go-to"s:

    Starbucks - they are everywhere! Search into your GPS/Smartphone and you are there in 10 mins!

    - Tazo teas - cold or hot, unsweetened. Zero calories - bring your Stevia.
    - Caffe Americano - espresso with water. Order it with no diary. Zero calories -
    bring your Stevia (I like English Toffee Stevia in coffee).
    Strong coffee definitely curbs hunger if you have that - but also you need to
    follow it up with lots of water - filling.
    - Sandwiches & Salads - Turkey or Chicken and cheese - throw away the bread and cheese, eat the meat up to 4oz. Starbucks deli-meats are not loaded with sugars or additives, often come with a small plain salad, or you can buy a small side salad.

    Add yours to this thread...
    When I need to eat out, I look on the website of the place we're going & figure out what I can eat. Just recently went to Moe's - built my own salad with lettuce, cucumber, grilled chicken & used salsa for the dressing. The a calories came to 204.

    I ask the server to ask for my meat to be cooked w/out oils & butter; ask for a lettuce only salad. I always have to ask for a take home box for the oversized portion of protein.

    Thanks for sharing.


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    If anyone else lives in California, the best "fast food" place I have found to eat is Flame Broiler. They already cook without added fat, so that really helps. They have a mini bowl, which normally is 376 calories including the regular chicken (thigh) and rice. If you get no rice, only steamed cabbage and upgrade to chicken breast, no "magic sauce", it comes out to about 150. The chicken tends to be a bit dry when grilled without the sauce, but its by far the best thing in a pinch. I love them on P3 also, when I can get the regular 500 calorie portion, less rice, and all the different vegetables.

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    I ate at Longhorn Steakhouse last night. I got a 6 oz steak cooked without oil/butter (only ate half) and steamed asparagus w/o sauce. And I lost .8 lbs. Yay!

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    At several of the burger places like Fuddruckers or Mooyah, you can order your burger with Iceberg lettuce "buns" I get mine at Mooyah's with Tomato and mustard only; so I have the meat with Lettuce, Tomato and mustard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluved1 View Post
    I ate at Longhorn Steakhouse last night. I got a 6 oz steak cooked without oil/butter (only ate half) and steamed asparagus w/o sauce. And I lost .8 lbs. Yay!
    I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago at Ruby Tuesday, with the same results. Isn't it wonderful???
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