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Thread: Want an almost fat-free steak that taste's delicious and it CHEAP?

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    Want an almost fat-free steak that taste's delicious and it CHEAP?

    Check out the Flat-Iron cut. It comes from the shoulder clod and is almost fat free and very tender. You can easily trim off the remaining fat if there is any on it.
    One really big feature is it's price...

    At my local store, you can get a steak that will be 2-2.5 meals for under $4.00. It is usually around $5.29/lb here and the steaks are not that big but they are extremely delicious.

    Cut them into the 3.5 oz. steaks and sprinkle with Garlic powder, black pepper and salt, then grill. HEAVEN!!!

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    I've had shoulder clod, round steak, and flat-iron cuts during my P2 rounds and always had great losses the next day. They're all delicious and virtually fat free.

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    Thank you! Is it a tender meat?

    Thanks for the reminder of this cut of meat! My friend made it a few years back at a dinner party and it was devine!!! She marinated hers and did a quick broil in the oven. I didn't know you could grill it! Does it get tough when its grilled or stay pretty tender? (my kids are picky with tough meats ).

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