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Thread: Fish en Papillote

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    Fish en Papillote

    This is a really easy and tasty way to prepare fish, if you want an alternative to grilling, and is P2 compliant. The fish steams in a paper envelope, flavored by lemon and herbs, and comes out really tender. Best with fresh fish, but works well with frozen too.

    Ingredients (1 serving. If you make multiple servings, each filet should have its own packet)

    fennel bulb, sliced
    lemon slices (about 1/2 lemon)
    white fish filet, 100 grams
    fresh tarragon sprigs
    finely minced parsley and garlic

    Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (163 degrees C)

    Cut a piece parchment paper, large enough to completely envelope the fish filet, and set on a quarter or half sheet baking sheet.

    Place fennel slices in a vertical line, about the length of the filet. Lightly salt.
    Layer lemon slices on top of the fennel, and then place the fish on top of the lemons. Season with salt, pepper, and any herbs you desire. I think sprigs of fresh tarragon work particularly well. I also sprinkle a light dust of the parsley/garlic mixture.

    Fold the ends of the parchment paper together to make an envelope that completely encloses the fish. (You can find lots of examples on the internet.) Any leftover fennel can be quartered and salted and put on the baking sheet as well.

    Bake for about 20-25 minutes (but I have an old gas oven, so may vary).

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    I'm the "Queen" of Fished in Parchment Paper cooking. I prepare all of my fish this way instead of grilling it. I even have my honey preparing his this way when he makes his own meal. He loves how moist it turns out when even a not so skilled cook like him can do it. I think i've told this group that I have the following kitchen gadget which allows you to cook most any time of fish, chicken, burgers and even steaks in 5-7 minutes.


    You can find it for half the Amazon price on Ebay instead...

    I use mine daily when I'm in P2, and continue to do so at least couple of times a week when I'm in P3 or P4.
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    I'm gonna look for one of these. Thanks for the tip!


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