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Thread: Melba Snacks - What is a serving size?

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    Red face Melba Snacks - What is a serving size?

    Yes I a new to HCG and am wondering on Melba Snacks what a serving size is? Can anyone help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nissi View Post
    Yes I a new to HCG and am wondering on Melba Snacks what a serving size is? Can anyone help?
    Not sure what a Melba "snack" is, but a serving of Melba "toast" is one piece in P2 and you are allowed one twice a day. Remember, melbas aren't allowed in P3. They aren't very big and many skip them altogether in P2.
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    I am curious about this too - I wasn't able to find melba toast, but I found melba snacks.

    I bought the whole grain ones and the nutritional info is
    for 4 "snacks"
    60 cal
    1g fat
    11 carbs
    2g fiber
    0g sugar
    2g Protein

    What is the calorie count for the melba toast supposed to be?

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    Your serving of starch in P2 is in the 20-25 calorie range. I believe each of the Melba snacks is 12 calories, so a serving would be two pieces. I also found some grissini that are 22 calories each.
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    Re: Melba Snacks - What is a serving size?

    I use the box serving size of 4 for my melba snacks and either 1 big grissini or 3 of the thin grissini sticks.

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    I do the classic Melba toast from Old London.
    One piece is 20 cals. I have found these at Safeway. I'd probably stay away from the other varieties since they have all sorts of other stuff in them.


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