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Thread: Memorial Day Cookout Ideas?

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    Since I dont think I have the willpower to go to any cookouts this weekend, Im having one at home. Anyone have a good recipes for a bbq/cookout? Anything will be appreciated!

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    This is what I will do: Either 100g extra lean ground beef or extra-lean ground chicken seasoned with sea salt and Fiesta Lime Mrs. Dash, formed into a patty. I will wrap that in a Romaine lettuce leaf then either put dijon mustard of Frank's RedHot sauce on it. I will bake myself some spinach chips (even though this is technically mixing veggies, it hasn't stalled me), and then cut up my apple into pieces. Also, I am going to pour a big glass of sparkling water and add drops of Root Beer Stevia. Mmmm!

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    grill some veggies! ( zuchinni is great) and cook a burger!


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