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Thread: P2 Cookbook: "101 Worry-Free HCG Recipes Plus Hints and Tips from Experts"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catthai View Post
    quaint, it doesn't matter where the book was being sold, it was under copyright. And I can only imagine that the owners of the book are reading this forum.

    By US law, if a site is going against copyright, it gets sticky. The website owners (in your case, Anglefire) had to take the materials offline or pay the piper. I know nothing about Anglefire but when you signed up I'm sure you agreed to upload only the materials you own. It is not up to them to warn you (they already did).
    If the owners of the book were reading the forum, I believe we probably would have heard something from them in this particular thread. You might be the one that knows for sure, since you seem to be their personal watchdog. BTW, you may want to re-read my post because I did not say that Angelfire needed to warn me. I said whoever reported me (hmm, perhaps you?) could have given me a chance to remove it. This was thread was intended to share a file with fellow community HCGers--not an illegal pirating ring--so give us a break.
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    Laura, the forum was contacted by the writers... read #34.

    "I was contacted by the authors of the book in regards to removing it from the site due to copyright infringement."

    Do you understand the work it takes to get a book published and marketed? Do you understand copyright? No one but the copyright owners have the right to give their work away for free. Others, well, they take their chances when the copyright owners find out. And they have. And if Anglefire has a policy of a take down after being contacted (you are a member, you should know), then there you go.

    Actually - instead of passing around copyrighted work, why doesn't this forum support the decent HCG books instead? Post reviews from members? I looked briefly down the section list and didn't see a HCG book review section. Is there one inside the others?

    The books are certainly sold at a reasonable enough price. After being bored silly with fish and chicken I'd personally kill for a decent P2 recipe but I don't have to, a mere $19.97 plus shipping will do.

    And besides, authors get peanuts after everyone else takes their cut - publishers, marketers, amazon - so why not help them out?
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    thanks for sharing this thread, very use full

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    phase 2 round 2 hcg oral drops

    Question what constitutes as a "pinch"??

    When it says a pinch of garlic powder what constitutes as a pinch?? Like how many shakes is that??

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    Quote Originally Posted by JenaeCerritos View Post
    When it says a pinch of garlic powder what constitutes as a pinch?? Like how many shakes is that??
    A pinch is the amount can pick up between your thumb and forefinger, about the same as "scant". if using a shaker, give a soft sprinkle. Or to your taste.
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    Where is the link for this recipe book?

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