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Thread: Best P2 Recipes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Takisha View Post
    Glad to share! I'm lighting candles

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    I meant to reply with quote!!!! Thanks, sounds good. I am going to try it!

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    My Favorite is Asparagus Soup:

    Handful of Asparagus Spears
    Bay Leaf
    1 Garlic Clove (Okay to Omit)
    Place all in a Square of Tinfoil - Add Few Tablespoons of Water (For Steam)
    Wrap it up - and Put in Oven for 1/2 Hour
    Blend all up with (minus Bayleaf) 1/2 Fat Free Chicken Broth & 1/2 Cup Water - Yummo
    (adjust Seasonings to your liking, I add curry & nutmeg sometimes, and sometimes more Water)

    Very Filling, makes you feel like you are eating allot more than you are
    R2W1: -7.5lbs
    R2W2: -2.5lbs
    vlcd Day 13: 0lbs
    vlcd Day 14: -.5lbs
    vlcd Day 15: 0lbs
    vlcd Day 16: -.5lbs
    vlcd Day 18: -1lbs
    vlcd Day 19: (Today)

    3 Days till P3

    Before Round 1: 146lbs, Round 2 Start: 132lbs: Goal: 120lbs (or Less)

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    Random cooking question.

    I'm dying to make some apple cookies, and I know they call for apple pulp. On my first try, I thought that apple pulp just consisted of a cored and peeled apple put in the food processor, but when I tried rolling them into balls they fell apart. So I'm thinking it's the apple pulp, or lack thereof, that I messed up.

    Lemme know! Thanks!

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