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Thread: PH2 Crabcake

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    PH2 Crabcake

    Tonight for dinner we had crabcakes.

    100 grams crabmeat per person
    About 1 tsp each per person
    Onion Powder
    Garlic Powder
    Old Bay
    Chili Powder- maybe a lil less if you dont like spice
    Onion and celery minced very small (about 1 TBSP each per person)
    Tsp of spicy mustard
    Zest of a lemon.

    Mix everything together in a bowl. I find they stick together a lil better if you squeeze the meat between a paper towel before you start.
    Once everything is mixed I take my breadstick and grind it into a powder and roll the cake in it. That way it's crispy on the outside.

    Broil about 10 minutes or until golden brown.
    I like mine a lil more of the dark brown side.

    I had mine over tomatoes with some red wine vinegar

    My son and hubby opted to have theirs over lettuce.

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    Sounds wonderful I will definitely be trying this ! Thanks for posting

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    let me know how it turns out. Along with any modifications!! Enjoy!

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    It probably would work fine. I just didnt have any eggs.

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    OMGosh they look GREAT!!! Not sure why I didn't think of this meal! I love crabcakes. Thanks for the recipe & photos!!!
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    No prob!! I hope it helps anyone who is sick of eating chicken all the time.

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    Where do i get the crab meat or what brand did you use?

    Thanks !!!

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    Gonna try this tonight, thanks so much!


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