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Thread: Veal recipe for P2?

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    Veal recipe for P2?

    Hi! I bought some veal stew meat. I have never cooked veal before. Since the cut is stew meat, I am assuming it needs to be cooked for awhile. Any recommendations on how to cook it and have it be P2 compatible? I was thinking throw it in the crock pot with diced tomatoes?

    Related to that - what are your thoughts on using canned tomatoes during P2? There are preservatives added... is that a bad idea?

    Thank you!

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    Slow cooking in tomatos should work. You could also marinate it in cider vinegar, ginger, garlic, black pepper and a little sweetener and whatever herbs you like. Probably slicing thin would let the marinade penetrate better.

    Canned tomatoes are fine during P2. Its really hard to find them without preservative or table salt. Most at least have citric acid added, so fresh is preferrable. But using canned is not going to derail you.
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