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Thread: Vegetarian recipes

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    Vegetarian recipes

    Does anyone have any good vegetarian recipes? I'm on day two of the VLCD and am pretty darn hungry and I think that lettuce and apples are going to soon lose their appeal.

    I'm interested in incorporating meat substitutes (morningstar farms "crumbles", or other) but am not sure if it's allowed.

    Please help!


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    I've been lurking for about a month, but since I saw that this was unanswered I registered.

    This may be off protocol, but me and my mother are both vegetarians and we both searched around on the web and found that there are a few things good to eat and that work well. My mom has lost a lot on the protocal, and I'm getting there:

    1/2 cup Whole grain brown rice and 1 cup stewed beans: Beans are cooked in onions, garlic and a very small amount of tomato sauce.

    Sugar free whey or soy protein drinks flavored with stevia. I like to add frozen strawberries so my fruit and meal are one.

    Cottage cheese

    Veggie burger pattys topped with either sauerkraut, or onions with garlic and a little hot sauce or whatever on protocol veggie you want on the side.

    Last but not least Ezekial bread. Its a complete protein and not quite bread or at least not normal bread. Mom usually has it with two eggs but I only have it with one.

    This is what we use to maintain our vegetarian lifestyle and beliefs and it works!

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    I've been a veggie for almost 20 yrs and was determined to do this diet as a veggie....glad I'm not alone I depended heavily on rice protein powders for my first round. I would make up 2 batches of rice protein shake for my portions of protein and then I'd make my veggies. I went 25 days and lost 27lbs. Now, I know in the old forum that some vegetarians relied on a product called "quorn" and qunioa but I don't eat eggs (in quorn) and quinoa makes me gain weight the way rice does. So I'm curious as to how rice is working for grngirl as technically rice is a starch, and the burgers are usually made from wheat gluten...how much do you eat of these things and still lose weight?

    When I ended my first round, I never went back to eating processed food and I stayed away from grains because grains have always left me hungry for more carbos and cause me to gain. Instead I chose a higher protein/fat diet and continued to lose (w/exercise) weight well into P4 w/out feeling hungry

    I'm in the middle of my second round now. I use rice protein powders still but have gone a bit rogue w/my veggies...I eat cauli/broccoli and zucchini/summer squash and I mix them but I'm exercising on this round so that seems to offset the rogue stuff...

    Anyway, just wanted to say you CAN do this diet as a veggie and as w/people w/other eating styles, vegetarians can re create their diets and you will want to when you get to the end of round 2!

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    Hey. I have been vegetarian For 17 years now and never found it a challenge until the HCG diet. I decided to continue to eat some of my fake meat and it has worked well! I eat 3.5 ounzes of beef crumbles for at least a lunch or dinner. I make taco seasoning out of allowed spices. After I make the "beef" taco style, I wrap it in romaine lettuce with hot sauce. You can make your on mustard dressing with mustard, garlic, thyme, apple cider. Have a salad with your taco and finish it off with a baked gala apple, chopped and flavored with sugar substitute and cinnamon!! I have lost 14 pounds in 9 days so far! Good luck and God bless!

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    I forgot to add: if you like to eat your Melba toast, you can crumble it up on your salad like a crouton. I do that sometimes to help with mental blocks.

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    Veggie Woes

    Hi All!

    I have been a vegetarian for 10 years, and like many of you I have found that eating carbs just makes me crave more of them. I've ordered the HCG drops and I'm still researching for recipes to use in the P2 process. So glad to hear that many of you are having great success using protein shakes! I'd like to do this process as a vegetarian, but I am an American currently living in Honduras where luxuries like Whey protein and Melba toast don't exist. I know cottage cheese and eggs are allowed in the diet, and I have opened myself up to fish while living in Central America, so I will eat it on the diet.

    Share with me any veggie-friendly recipes you've found, and I will be sure to post some of my own!
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    Thanks for the posts!

    Thanks for all the wonderful posts on vegetarian recipes for this diet. I'm a 20 year vegetarian, and am glad to know others have had success with this diet... it was looking grim there for awhile!!!

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    So seeing the mention of hot sauce makes me happy, it's only aged cayenne pepper, vinegar, and salt - but still was wondering if you can use it while just beginning hhcg? I think that will make a world of difference for me with eating and sticking to this. I also was wondering about the quorn products, are they okay to use in the first round? I just want to do this correctly. Also, with rice powder protein what do you mix it with?

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    hello fellow veggies! I just started p2 and hve lost 3 lbs!! I am using the morning star crumbles, they were aways a part of my diet. I am using fresh herb n garlic...just gettin creative. I am sooo pumped to continue this process. Ill keep u posted

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    Hi my friend, Iam Mary, I have a blog where is collection my healthy recipes MEAL5.com, most are vegan recipes, a vegan recipe with Portobello -
    This grilled mushroom burger is better than a regular beef burger. Honestly! ! You get the same feel of having a patty and all the tasty toppings in between a bun, but you won’t feel lethargic after downing a bunch of beef.


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