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Thread: Where to buy HCG diet Injections online

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    Please for your own safety, do not buy HCG injections from Diet Doc. I did. I bought the 60 day supply. One vial was fine. The second was not. Unopened, it looked like it had gotten wet inside, and there was caked on powder hardened onto the side of the bottle at the top of the bottle. I sent pictures of the vial, unopened, with the issue clearly displayed and asked for a replacement. No reply. They called me a couple of months later, wanting to know if I wanted to reorder. I said that I would order another 60 days, if they also, in addition, replaced the vial that was not safe to use. They refused to do so. These injections are not cheap - they cost a lot. And when a company refuses to make something like this "right" - it really speaks to their integrity. I would be happy to send anyone that is interested the pictures of the unopened vial of HCG. My email is contentedbliss gmail

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    DietDocs HCG is provided through a compounding pharmacy. I would call that pharmacy and send them your pictures. The pharmacy info should be on the packaging. Something was definitely wrong with that vial. I woudn't have used it either.

    This is a very different experience than I have had with DietDoc, in which they went beyond expectations in making sure my product was right.
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    I've had nothing but great experiences with Diet Doc. They seem very concerned about you, and offer personal consultation for any questions or concerns you may have. My experience with them was much better than NuImage (who I had previously used in my 3rd round )for me.

    I agree with Leez, that you should contact the Pharmacy directly for assistance with the bad product that they dispensed to you.
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