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They offer homeopathic Hcg. It does have Hcg in it, but it is a minute amount, designed to work with the laws of homeopathy. You can see Hcg listed in the ingredients here: https://hcgdiet.com/product/hcg-triumph-40-kit/

They used to also have a hormone free product (which i do not recommend), but hmm... I don't see that on their website anymore. Those are intended as vitamin supplements only and are NOT to be used with the original protocol.

Here is an article on homeopathic medicine and how it works: https://www.britishhomeopathic.org/e...meopathy-work/ You can read this and do a little research to decide if it fits you

I hope this helps!
Thanks Jen! I know the Homeopathic method as I did patches years ago which are now defunct I think. The Triumph HHCG drops originally got really good reviews but the last few orders they haven't been so good so has the product deteriorated in quality or has the brand's standards lapsed?

I'd prefer to buy from the UK if possible as the current exchange rate to the dollar is appalling :-( But I know you don't recommend anything outside of the US :-( If I am going to take the FX and shipping hit I'd like to do it on a decent product....any other HHCG sites worth looking at?