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Thread: Where do Canadians order?

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    Exclamation Where do Canadians order?

    I hear customs is stopping ALL overseas hcg products at the border, Rx, hHCG, everything. Most online pharmacies won't ship to Canada because the shipments are rejected at the border. Can anyone help?

    Does New Edge ship to Canada? or Nu Image?

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    Unhappy I'm in the same boat!

    This will be my third attempt at injections and I cannot seem to find a canadian site ANYWHERE! The other ones where I've ordered my injections and supplies from no longer deliver. I've even searched threads on here to find suggestions, however, every one I try says, "NO" to Canada!

    If Nu Image delivers to canada, please let me know!

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    Red face

    I'd love an answer to this as well. I'm having a similar issue trying to find a place where I can use PayPal and purchase the drops. Everywhere I go they either have no PayPal option, the shipping cost is insane or they just don't ship to Canada. This is extremely frustrating but I'm not giving up.

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    IDK if this is helpful but Triumph sells homeopathic drops that are popular here and they ship to canada. Nu Image also ships to Canada.

    You can also try US HCG but I don't believe they are as good as Nu Image or New Edge.

    Good luck! If I can help anyway let me know! I've got relatives in Canada!

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    Thanks for posting the link but it says

    Attention Canadians: Our company temporarily does not ship to Canada.

    But... I just found out that Triumph and Nu Image ship to canada! Yay!

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    Smile I know a Canadian Doctor in Canada that you can go to for HCG Diet

    His name is Dr. Navi Badesha and he is in Surrey, BC. Really nice guy too. He is doing injectables and has a great weight loss system he has implemented called the Hcg Box Complete. Here ya go - I copied this from google:

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    T: 604.592.4448. F: 604.572.5248 [email protected]. Dr. Navi S. Badesha, ND. NATUROPATHIC PHYSICIAN. Dr. Navi S. Badesha, ND ...

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    I have ordered Nu Image Pellets for 3 of my 4 rounds without any problems reaching them in canada. They work amazingly well.

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    HHCG you can get homeopathic hcg from frequency apps. rx grade you need to order from nu image. they are the only ones that ship to canada. I've also seen Triumph mentioned and people say good things.

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    Well I am looking to start my next round (again) soon. I was doing RX and switched to Hhcg.....nor sure why I am not losing weight but I am not. I would love to try and go back to RX but I don't know where to get it from. A lot of the online Canadian Pharmacies are registered as a Canadian company but won't ship within Canada. So, if anyone DOES come across something online selling RX to Canadian addresses please let us know. Or if anyone would be willing to have it sent to their US address and the re-ship it to me I would be most grateful. I'd be glad to cover any costs! I have a small amount ready to go for my next round but it won't be enough.

    Thanks all!

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    Are there any updates of Canadians finding a good place to order from?

    How are New Edge and Nu Image? Will they ship to Canada? What about US Hcg?

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    I'm not sure if they ship to Canada but they do have a "contact us" link. They do indicate
    they ship worldwide. Looks like they only sell the Rx though. Hope this helps!

    If anyone knows of an inexpensive site for online ordering of hhcg sublingual drops or pellets that ship to Canada I'd be very interested.

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    Bump this up, does anybody in Canada have any extra at this time?

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