In case you missed the email, here's the latest on the Hcg sell-out:

My inbox has been flooded with emails about this so Iím sharing a ďlast-chanceĒ notice & clarification to reach those of you who are waiting on an answer before purchasing & pressed for time. (If I havenít gotten to your email yet, I certainly will. I wonít leave anyone hanging. Hopefully this answers your questions quickly in case you are in a rush tho!)


TODAY Is the LAST DAY to get Nu Image double round Hcg kits.

They are already sold out of Rx drops, and pellets. After today these 2-round kits will be UNAVAILABLE FOREVER (Which is sad because they are a great deal!)

After this, You will only have another two weeks to get the SINGLE round kits from them - then they will no longer sell Hcg at all.

After that, sources will be limited and at approximately double the price. It will still be REAL, USA-made Hcg of the highest quality, but now is your chance to save money before the price is raised.

You can find these here:

If you have any questions, feel free to reply here or email me (hdihealth (@), as always. Iím doing my best to answer everyone as quickly as possible.

Happy losing!