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Thread: DietDoc chat window

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    Thank you Jen. My deepest sympathy in the tragic loss of your loved ones...heartbreaking. ❤️✝️

    69Ys ~ Mrd 51Yrs

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    R10 Start @ 170.

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    Do Over@204 3/26/17 Celeste Drops/Intermountain Pellets 5 Rounds T -63

    Start@196 4/18/11. Celeste Pure HCG Drops 3 Rounds. T -62.6 ✝️❤️

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    Oh goodness! I didn't see this! I am so sorry for your losses. How heartbreaking. Please forgive me for gliding by this without even a condolence.
    :::giving Jen's hand a squeeze:::

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    Quote Originally Posted by shmeans View Post
    Thank you Jen. My deepest sympathy in the tragic loss of your loved ones...heartbreaking. ❤️✝️

    Thank you so much Shmeans and Spoon. I greatly appreciate your kindness. Hug your loved ones tight and create as many happy memories as you can- you never know what life will bring.

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