I had a call today, letting me know that the latest legal changes have resulted in Hcg increasing in price up to nearly double the current price. The price hike will occur on November 4th. Here is the email I sent out:

Hello everyone!

I had a call this afternoon, letting me know that the price of Hcg will be nearly doubling on November 4th due to the latest legal changes. I'm letting you know now, so you have the opportunity to purchase your Hcg diet kit/program before the new pricing goes into effect.

As you know, My Diet Doc is the ONLY legitimate U.S. based Hcg weight loss company remaining (the other guys are selling illegal and unsafe overseas hCG, folks.)
MDD offers hCG as a full service medical weight loss solution, including the entire kit with all supplies prescribed by a licensed medical doctor. The price also includes physician and medical team consults, and access to a licensed nutritionist for ONE YEAR.

This is an absolute steal for the price, even after it doubles, but you might as well take advantage of the current low pricing.

This is also a great time to prepare for your next Hcg Diet round. We have so many parties, events, and fabulous holiday feasts coming up- it's basically "Loading Day Season!" Purchase the program now, save a ton of money and enjoy those holiday meals, guilt free!

I will also have more holiday tips coming up for you- tips to help you eat healthy, stay focused and lose weight over the holidays instead of gaining that average 8 lbs (true stuff!) So keep an eye out- those tips will start rolling into your email box on Monday!

Any questions feel free to email me- hdihealth @ gmail.com