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Thread: How Did You Get the Injections in Canada?

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    I ordered from Nu Image Medical it was expensive as well it's good to know there are other places that will ship to Canada.

    Quote Originally Posted by Iartwoman View Post
    I'm not sure if anyone is still reading this thread but I live in a remote area in B.C. and I ordered my 40 Day Kit from HCGDietMeds.com. It was very fast delivery and the box came through Customs no problem as the shipping Dept marked it as "Book Supplies" - clever! It was pricey tho' and I'm still interested in finding a more reasonable supplier closer to home.

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    jabbok: did you have any issues with Nu Image shipping to Canada?

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    Anyone that know who will ship to the US to get hcg?

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    Sorry was out of town and no access to computer but I didn't have any issues with getting it shipped to Canada I think it took about 2 weeks to get it.

    Quote Originally Posted by blm View Post
    jabbok: did you have any issues with Nu Image shipping to Canada?

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    Hey! I can get the freeze dried Ovidac 5000iu HCG from a friend for $125!

    You can email me at hcginvancouver at gmail for pick up or mailing options. I will ship within Canada just provide me with a postal code for shipping estimate!
    Good luck on your weight loss journey!*

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    I have Corion 5000iu made in Switzerland (potent).
    Shipping from within Canada.
    No worries about customs.

    [email protected]

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    There are still places to get it in the US and Canada

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    I used a clinic out of Edmonton - blue spruce - I live up north so I had to fly down and do the first initial appointment. They have me 6 weeks worth of prefilled syringes. But it was really, really expensive. I'm looking for an alternative for round 2.
    I won't do the drops as the research I've read have identified that HCG doesn't go into the blood stream - dangerous to do this 500 calorie diet without proper HCG.

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    I know this thread is old but thought I'd post a source in Canada that I just discovered. This round I ordered online - excellent price and shipped quickly from within Canada. Product is Norvo 5000iu and there's a discount if you pay by BitCoin.
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    restocked with HCG

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