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Thread: Nu Image Medical

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    I'm an "oldtimer"....did the hCG protocol years ago. Went on deployment this past fall (ex-military cook) to assist with Hurricane Michael recovery efforts, in Florida. It wound up (perhaps) screwing up my set-point. So I might have to do the protocol again.

    I'm stunned to see that Grammy (Colleen) is gone. Nu Image Medical seems to have taken over the site.

    So, I have to ask: if Nu Image Medical is truly a medical establishment, how in the hell have they repeatedly misspelled hCG...? The medical protocol for spelling it is lowercase "h" then capital "CG"....

    In other places, the Nu Image Medical folks spell it with each letter completely capitalized -- closer to being accurate than not, I suppose....as that can be an alternative way to spell it in studies. And it's how this site spells hCG in its name.

    But nowhere in any medical study is it ever spelled "Hcg" -- that isn't even an acronym. That's spelling it like "Tom" or "Moe" -- and forgive me for saying it like this, but holy ****, if they are referring to a medical term like they'd refer to their brother, that is a giant red flag.

    Sorry to have to say it like this, but......it shows they're ignorant and perhaps not even medical professionals.

    I bought my hCG from Canadian pharmacies online, with links to production facilities overseas. FDA-inspected facilities.

    I paid far less than $300 for one round, which is the price paid through Nu Image Medical. I won't knock them for their services; they do provide a valid one.

    But to see them refer to the hCG protocol like they'd be referring to their neighbor Tom is beyond unprofessional and quite frankly disturbing.
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    Interesting you would post... I went to order a refill and they no longer ship to my state, mind you they are located in Florida AND I am located less than 100 miles away. I sent a message over a week ago and no response. Wondering what’s going on.
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