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Thread: Official HCD Diet Plan or Triumph - hcg drops legit?

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    Official HCD Diet Plan or Triumph - hcg drops legit?

    Ok so I heard already ordered my hcg Drops from The official hcg Diet Plan store - and was wanting to see if anyone else had any experience with them and if they were successfully losing weight?? I'm reading reviews on these forums and it seems mixed reviews and a lot of people say the only legit hcg drops are Triumph drops.


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    There is a post in the "where to buy hcg" thread that explains how to tell if your hcg Drops are real. I know Triumph 40 drops are real and popular here.

    Down almost 13 lbs in 13 days! What other plan works like this?

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    Directed to JM

    I just recvd my Triumph Drops yesterday and am starting today. These were referred to me by a friend and I did my research. Triumph hcg drops are legit! How much have you lost and how many days have you been using drops?

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    I have been taking these too. I started on Feb 12 with the two load days and VLCD starting feb 14. So far I have lost 5 lbs in 6 days of VLCD. I was pretty hungry at first so I uped my Drops to 15 3x a day. I dont feel "really hungry" but I certainly wish I could eat more! I have about 12 more to loose to get to my ideal weight. Two more weeks! I can do it!

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    me and my sis-n-law just joined up on this website and are ready to lose with legit hcg Drops!

    we are doing the couples deal $129 we will split the cost so will be $64.50 a piece this will be for 45 days.
    Round 1 Phase 2
    Load day 1 : 246.6 on 3/1/2011
    Load day 2: 247.2 on 3/2/2011
    VLCD 16 current weight : 233.2 as of 3/18/2011
    VLCD 21 current weight :230.2 as of 3/23/2011
    VLCD 26 current weight :229.8 as of 3/28/2011

    total loss of 17.4# from 3/1/11 to 3/28/2011

    Created by - Free Calorie Counter__________________________________________________ _________

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    I ordered mine from here too. I was really skeptical at first because the remedy I have is absolutely tasteless and could have been water for all I knew. But I have had no hunger pains at all and am down 10lbs in 11 days. (I had a few cheat moments so Im sure my results would have been better) but after the first week staying on track is a lot easier.

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    Hi everyone I read ur post and just ordered mine today. Wish me luck I will keep u guys posted. OH I NEED A BUDDY!

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    I just ordered mine today! Can't wait!!

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    Ok guys I ordered yesterday and my husband just called my while I'm at work to let me know they are here!!!! Yea I can't wait to start. I will keep u posted

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    I am using these Drops too. Vlcd 31 down 25lbs not hungry at all!

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