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Thread: Pharmacy Escrow CLOSED???

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    Pharmacy Escrow CLOSED???

    What happened to Pharmacy Escrow?? Website says they are closed??
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    Ugh, tell me about it! I went there today to describe the ordering process in my blog..only to find their
    message. I can't believe it! Luckily, I found about looks reputable, so that's who
    I'll try next.

    First, I was ordering from only to have them suddenly stop carrying Hucog
    then I started ordering from Pharmacy Escrow and now they are out of business, I'm begining to
    think I have bad luck!


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    I have ordered from them before.. They were real shady.. I was able to log on and was redirected to Apparently you can now order thru this site without the xtra cost they were charging. BUT, they are still charging double the price of ADC. Guess we can't win, ADC steals your CC info and this place rips you off.
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    I know a lot of people order their HCG from ADC and I also had to order mine from there since yourhcgdiet no longer sells HCG. I think the FDA is putting a lot of these US companies out of business because of the HCG diet & making you have to get a prescription. I know there is a person on this forum selling HCG but a 40 day kit is $200 =( My HCG along with everything I need for a long round was under $75. So I guess it just depends on how much you want to spend!

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    riley- adc fixed that problem, they are no longer having issues with CC's. i used my card 2 mo ago and it was fine.
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    I ordered from Pharmacy Escrow on Aug 30th. They said the HCG was shipped on 9/03. Immediately after they sent me an email saying my order was moved to After 2 weeks and not receiving any update and no product, went on an online chat. They said it had been shipped regular mail to avoid customs. They refunded me $5 for shipping. I chatted again last week, where again, they told me it would take up to 26 days and to contact them if I hadn't received by then.

    I went to their site today, it's been 26 days since shipping. Chat says offline, so I went to call the escrowrefills #. It's the same # as pharmacy escrow. I called, left a message to go to their website and follow instructins. I did, which led me to a site where they process questions. I submitted my info and they emailed me the access # to trace the complaint. It's been an hour and no response. Totally not how they described their business and how they are available 24/7 or know where my shipment is(if there really was one shipped).

    Please don't order form!! I'll let know if I get the HCG, when they respond, and how this is handled. I didnt expect a guessing game such as this.

    Please refer me to any reliable site you've recently used - thanks!

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    I placed an order on Aug 28 and they said it was shipped on 9/3. Right after Pharmacy Escrow emailed and said would be handling my order. Emailed last week, as I hadn't received. They said to wait another week. I emailed today and quote "Looks like this one was lost in the mail, would you like to reorder?"

    I responded back no thanks and asked for a refund. Doubtful I will get my money back. Also, the escrowrefll site's # isn't working and the same # was for Pharmacy Escrow. Please don't reorder from them!

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    I ordered from them the end of August and got my order three days ago. I logged on to place an order for my sister and saw they are out of business! Pharm escrow say they will fulfill all pending orders but you can't place any new orders. I've tried to find out what happened and haven't found anything yet. My guess is they had some trouble with the regulating agencies either here or in England. Also found alldayschemist and will probably try them. But I have three months worth now. I am in health care and was surprised on how easy it was to get prescription meds on line! I'm sure the pharmaceutical and AMA lobbies will shut this off eventually.

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    If any of you guys need hcg I'm still selling, and i want to get rid of what i have left me if interested. 60 dollars for 2 bottles of 2000 units of hcg and everything you need asides from bacteriostatic water and 120 for 4 bottles...

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    I know you all love the shots, I did too, but...too many problems in recent months. Credit card hacking, shut downs, customes getting involved, and people getting letters informing them that customes has confiscated their product and telling them not to order from outside the USA again. So here is an alternative that you might want to try. The Herb Cottage, a small honest health store run by Debnise Norbut a certified health professional (CNHP, CNC, DHS) is selling hcg for professional use at a fair price of $20. Ingredients are 12x 30x 60x small amount of purfied water and alcohol to preserve for 2oz. She says that "Im tired of hearing that people are paying too much for hcg" Her store is CA and she will ship it to you. Can call 951-674-7022 or

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