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Thread: How long does it take to ship from India?

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    How long does it take to ship from India?

    I just got a shipping confirmation that my HCG just shipped from India on April 13th. What are the usual shipping times to the West coast from India?

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    10-14 days from when you ordered your hcg.
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    i ordered mine about a week ago, the email i got said it shipped on the 7th. the tracking info says its still in customs in the US. i hope it gets here soon! i plan to load easter weekend, that gives it another week to get here!

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    Hi jilly921 - I am in Austin, TX too I ordered my Hucog from reliable rx pharmacy that ships from India. It shipped on March 14 but is still sitting in US customs being processed. Anybody else having to wait this long? I'm on R3P4 and am ready to start R4!

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    hi beth! that kind of scares me that you say you ordered from reliable rx and its STILL in customs after a month?! i also ordered from them, i was hoping it would be here by easter so i could start my round, and its been in customs for a week. said it shipped april 7th. i hope it gets here in time for me to start loading next weekend! im curious to see if anyone else that ordered from them had to wait so long. i'm about to drive to NY and get it myself!! lol!

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    jilly mine shipped from them on the 30th or 31st, went into Customs on the 4th of April, was released on the 12th and I got it on the 14th. I was biting my nails too because the last time it went in one day and was released the following day. Hang in there. I'll bet you will get it soon.
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    The actual shipping time is very quick, just a few days. But it can take several weeks because it has to go through U.S. Customs and they sometimes hold it for a long period.

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    I've seen several posts where customs is taking 2-3 weeks right now. Hopefully everyones makes it through. If not I would call and they will reship it to you.

    I will probably need to do one more round to get to goal. Maybe I will go ahead and order it now then it will be here when I need it. For anyone wanting to start on a specific day have you considered starting with HHCG and then switching to HCG when your order gets there? That way you can do all your loading and everything like planned. I am in the process of switching now, on my second day of overlap and it seems to be working great. The HHCG won't interfere with your HCG round at all as far as immunity or anything goes because you dont' get immunity from HHCG.

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    a half dozen over the years. Using 150iu subq. with a skip day every 7- Not so strict protocol.
    How do you know when it hits customs? My current tracking says: Foreign International Dispatch, April 13, 2011, 6:23 pm, DELHI FOREIGN (PARCELS), INDIA
    Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
    nothing about customs.

    It took a week for reliablerx to get me tracking info. I really wanted to start May 1st. Is there anywhere/anyone in the US that has it in stock? I would pay a small premium to get it faster now.

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    dmastro - i am dealing with exactly the same problem, i ordered from reliable rx as well and my package is still in customs after a week. i just ordered from a lady named Fran at and i paid 15$ for fed ex 2 day air shipping to ensure it will be here by this week so i can start loading on Easter weekend. hope that helps!!

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