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Thread: Ack! My lips are badly chapped...

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    Ack! My lips are badly chapped...

    I'm a beach girl living in the desert so I have a lot of problems with dry skin. Usually I use Unpetroleum lip balm but I haven't since beginning the protocol, which was only a few days ago and my lips are already a painful, cracked mess!

    If you're following Dr. Simeon's protocol what are you using on your lips? He permits "the use of lipstick, powder and such lotions as are entirely free of fatty substances," but what exactly does that mean? My hands are bad, too, but they're not cracked like my lips are.

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    I gave in and used my Un-petroleum lip balm twice today, I'll probably use it once more before I go to bed. I waited more than a week after starting the injections hoping it'd resolve on its own but my lips are so bad they are cracked and bleeding, I can't smile or laugh and it hurts to talk and eat. I've ordered some pure mineral oil online so I'll switch over to that once it gets here. I dislike putting mineral oil anywhere on my skin but I might have to use it on my hands as well, they are also cracked and bleeding on the knuckles and in the creases. If anyone else has any suggestions I'm still open to them!

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    I used carmex on my lips and baby oil and aloe vera on my skin. I put the baby oil on while I was in the shower and damp not dry it seemed to soak in better that way.

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    My Dr said ok to coconut oil. It works really well on lips.

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    I have the same problem of bleeding lips. My Dr is not up for any kind of oil, but I have started using Coconat on my lips and face somewhat. My lips are not feeling better yet, though.

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    I use Carmex with no bad effects.

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    My hands, and legs are extremely dry as well!! My finger tips are starting to crack as well.. My sister told me she uses vasoline and it doesn't seem to have any side effects.

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    Carmex is made of wax and will not penetrate your skin, so it is P2 friendly.


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