This is my fourth round of HCG. IT's worked well for me in the past in terms of losses. I am POP only and have not cheated at all as I do truly believe in the positive reset of the bodies endocrine system and balance it brings to the body.

This round was eye-opening. For the first time, the first two weeks, I truly felt no hunger! I don't know ifthe past three times I didn't have good HCG despite being from Dr. Office and NuImage or I could never figure out the dose despite trying. BUT Now, the past three days it has changed.....and I am desperate to get back to the feeling of no hunger.

I am 145 today, and as I drop more weight getting closer to my goal weight (137) my body is feeling malnourished and I have a lot of cravings. I feel starving and weak at all times of the day. I'm trying to undertand what I should do with my dose but cannot pinpoint if it is too much or too little since my hunger hits me at all times of the day. Any experience in going down on dosage after loosing weight??? I know I still have abnormal fat! Stomach, arms, legs - it is still there

In terms of weakness, my legs aren't heavy but just week - feeling shaky. Even my arms. Last night I felt light headed - all the sudden it seems my blood pressure dropped and my whole body felt really uncomfortable. I did just buy magnesium and potassium so maybe that will help. Any guidance on how much to take of each???? (I use pink himalyan salt for cooking).

I'm only on day 18 and planning to do 28 days at least.