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Thread: Does the P1, P2, P3 Status Apply to People Using the Oral HCG Drops?

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    I'm using the oral HCG Drops, and following Dr. Simeon's protocol. I keep seeing information about P1, P2, etc and was wondering if that was only for HCG injections. If it's for the oral drop users as well, how do I know which one I'm at? Also, with the recipes that are on the HCG diet friendly recipes list, is that for the Maintenance Phase only?

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    All the Phases are for hcg Drops as well..As far as the recipes you'll have to figure it out if it doesn't say. Usually if it's P2 it wont have anyting more than the few items your allowed. 2 protiens 2fruits 2 veggies 2 melba toast etc. Believe me the more you read this forum the more you will learn. I'm on vlcd14 and I still read and learn daily..Good luck P.S. I've lost 13 lbs :0)

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    So how do I know which phase I'm on and what I can eat in each phase? I'm sure there's a more defined thread that has this info, I'll just have to find it. Thanks a bunch, that really helps.

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    coqi87, its all spelled out in the POunds & Inches manuel, the links over there <<<<<<< on the left at the top. everything you really need is in it. good luck

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    There is a lot of information for the Newcomers. Do a search for Newcomer and read all the information.

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    The phases come from Kevin Trudeau. Dr Simeon talks about them but does not refer to them as phases.

    Here is what each stands for:

    P1 -- This is a detox phase usually lasts for 6 months before you start. Most people here don't detox because Dr S says if you were doing a detox diet before starting you would need to eat normal for two weeks and load for 3 days before starting.

    P2 -- This is the phase begins with loading and ends with the last 72 hours of your 500 calorie diet (VLCD) this Phase include the 23-40 injections depending on the length of round. This phase must have a minimum of 26 days

    P3 -- This is the phase were you up your food intake, lots of protein, add in oils and fats but you are not allowed any sugars or starches not limited too but including breads, beans, lentils etc

    P4 -- where you slowly add the starches and sugars back into your diet

    Hope that helps!

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    I really appreciate all the feedback everyone. Thank you all!


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