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Thread: Starting the Dr.S protocol. Help with some questions please.

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    Starting the Dr.S protocol. Help with some questions please.

    Alright, I finally received my HCG from escrowrefills. It took about 17 days to finally get here to me. I did HCG injections once a week (100 units) at a weight loss clinic about 2yrs ago and lost about 40lbs in 6 weeks. I was following the clinics protocol 600 calories for 2 weeks then 1200 the 3rd week on a rotating schedule. I was working out about every day, weights and 45min of cardio. I bought a new house, changed jobs, and fell back into my old habits thus gaining the weight back over time. I'm ready to start anew. A few things about me. I'm a guy, an ICU nurse, and weight 279lbs. My goal is less than 205lbs. Here are my questions:

    I have 3-5000 unit hucog bottles. I read that the Dr.S protocol is for 40 days at 125 units/day SQ injections. Then in another place I see its 175-200 units/day. What's the optimal concentration for me to mix up for my weight loss goal?

    Is it indeed just a 40 day cycle initially? It says to eat excessively until the 3rd injection, so eat like crazy for the first 2 days of the cycle then follow the VLCD the remaining 37days?

    I work 12hr nights 3 days/week. When is the optimal time to do my injections?

    How do I test to see if my hcg is actually good?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    1. The best way to become informed about this is to read Pounds & Inches. It is required reading. I'd recommend reading it twice.

    2. The minimum length of a round is 23 injections. The maximum length of a round is 40 injections (or 34 lbs lost, whichever comes first. The grotesquely obese are allowed to lose an additional 5-6 lbs). You can skip an injection each week if you choose to ward off immunity (and lengthen the round).

    3. Dr. S recommends injecting 125 iu intramuscularly. Most people inject subcutaneously and find that 150 iu is the best dose. If you are hungry on that dose, you may need to lower it, but 150 is the average dose for subq injections. Some need a higher dose, but not many.

    4. Eat to capacity of the most fattening foods you can find for the first 2 days/injections. Then follow the very low calorie diet for the rest of the injections. At the end, you will stop the injections, but continue the very low calorie diet for 72 hours to allow the hcg to exit your system.

    5. Take your injection once a day at the same time each day. It doesn't matter when as long as you are consistent. I like to end the round with a morning dose because then I can eat P3-style 72 hours later in the morning and I've slept through the last few hours of the diet when I might be getting hungry.

    6. You can put a drop of it on a pregnancy test, but escrowrefills is selling the real stuff so it isn't really necessary. You'll feel if it is working within a few hours of taking it the first time if it is real.

    7. Read Pounds & Inches. And I can't stress this enough...Read Pounds & Inches.


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