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How fat are your insides? Netflix video.

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  • How fat are your insides? Netflix video.

    Hi all,

    I've been absent a few years, had another (forgotten name and pw) before. What really motivated me to restart HCG injections was a one hour Netflix video called Obesity Autopsy. Performed in the UK with UK measurements (on a woman I'd guess might have been around 230 lbs or so). It's very graphic, but to me it was more fascinating than gross. I have no link, as you have to have Netflix to watch it.

    It shows how the fat in your body affects all your internal organs. And just the image of fat on the insides of belly, etc. was enough to get me back on diet.

    I highly recommend this, and hopefully Netflix doesn't take it down soon. I'd say if you have a group of friends who are struggling with weight they may find it informative enuough to shock them into diet and exercise.

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    Welcome back to the forums, Lilith.

    I guess watching an autopsy like that would give you a new understanding of "morbidly" obese. But I know that one of the things I think about while doing an HCG round is how all that internal organ fat is melting away. That's the amazing thing about HCG. It makes your body burn up the unhealthy fat, but leaves the fat that keeps you looking healthy and young.
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      Thanks for sharing this, I'm gonna look this video up! Can't wait!! Nothing like the truth to keep us sailing in the right direction!!


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