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HCG and Carb Cycling

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  • HCG and Carb Cycling

    Has anyone tried using HCG while Carb Cycling or doing Atkins Diet and HCG? If so, what was the effect?

    I am considering doing the cycling or Atkins with HCG. Any thoughts, advise, etc is welcomed.

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    I haven't tried it, but I wouldn't think it would work at all. If you eat fat with hcg, you'll gain weight rapidly. And if you have high carb days (or even higher calorie days...some can get away with 800 cal, but not most of us), you'll gain weight. Also, I would not think you'd be able to force yourself eat much in the way of fat or larger quantities of food without feeling miserable since the hcg pretty much eliminates your hunger.


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      I appreciate your response and agree with you. Although, I have heard of people doing HCG and Atkins with great success. I have decided that I will do the actual protocol. I have done HCG before and lost weight and I am not willing to risk it.


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        I think that is a smart choice. When you know something works for you, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to change it.

        There are a couple of HCG variations that are Atkins-like, and one that is based on ketogenics. While they may seem to work for the weight loss part for some, there are no guarantees or proof studies that you get the same opportunity to achieve a lower setpoint weight afterwards. To me, that ability to stabilize at a lower weight is the real miracle of the original protocol. There are lots of ways to lose weight. But keeping it off is the holy grail.
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