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Confused on vegetable allowances

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  • Confused on vegetable allowances

    Hello all. I've just started and yesterday was my first VLCD food day after the 2 loading days. My question regarding the vegetables is my diet sheet says "One type of vegetable only to be chosen from the following: spinach, chard, chicory, beet-greens, green salad, tomatoes, celery, fennel, onions, red radishes, cucumbers asparagus, cabbage." So: 1. What is the portion size allowed? 2. We can't mix veggies? For example, Grilled chicken w/spinach, asparagus and tomatoes...is this OK?

    I was feeling hungry between my morning tea at breakfast and lunch time. So I took the apple that I'm allowed at lunch and had half of it at 10:00 am. Is this OK?

    I'm really trying to be disciplined and true to the diet. Keeping fingers crossed!

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    No mixing of vegetables is allowed on the original protocol. Some of the clinics have changed it but I stick to the original myself. You can have as much as you want of the one you are eating at that meal though. And it's fine to break up your food.
    My advice is based specifically on the original Simeons Protocol and may not reflect the guidelines of all Hcg weight loss plans. Grammy's personal protocol:Grammy's Hcg Diet Blog
    Grammy's author website: ColleenCoble.com

    I am not a medical doctor and my statements are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any medical condition. Please always check with your doctor for medical questions and assistance. Medical Disclaimer:


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      I find it best at least for the first week to track my calories with an online tracker such as Fitday or sparkspeople. Input your protein choices, fruit, and melba if you are having it.. then fill in the rest of the calories with your two veggies. Some veggies are going to be more volume then others because they have lower calories. You don't have to eat enough to get to the 500 calories.

      Original protocol is one veggie per meal, not mixing veggies. Some people do it with okay results. I didn't mix in round 1 at all. I was too afraid I'd be second guessing myself.
      216 to 135 in 3 rounds. I've done hHCG and RX.
      My HCG journey blog.

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        Thanks for your rapid reply! Do you know the reasoning behind not mixing?

        For lunch today I had the yummy Mexican Style Cilantro Chicken (HCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook - page 70) over a bed of spinach with crumbled melba toast. It was pretty good and I felt full and satisfied. Don't think that would have been the case without the spinach. Hmmm...


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          Good Morning !!

          Today is day 1 VLCD. Had my tea. My tummy is rumbling already but not too worried I am always ravenous after gorging. Taco salad, orange and melba toast planned for lunch.

          Have a great day every1


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            I always used the measurement 2 cups of whatever 2 vegetables I wanted for the day. Even the highest calories vegetable at 2 cups + 2 cups, still kept you well within the 500 calories a day when you added protein and fruit.


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              I thought you could only eat a handful or some sites say 150 grams? As much as I want?? ARE YOU SURE?!


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