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Limes versus Lemons

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  • Limes versus Lemons

    I can't seem to find much info on using limes. I have been squeezing the juice of one lime onto an apple cut into bite size pieces then adding a couple of drops of stevia and letting in marinate until snack time. Is this going to be 'legal'? And if so how do I count the lime? I just started the VLCD today and was hoping to be able to eat this new favorite snack! Of course I won't if it is going to compromise my 'journey'
    Thanks for any help/info

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    Strictly speaking, limes are not protocol. However, neither am I, I've used lime in moderation without a problem. On this diet, it's not the juice from a wedge of lime that does ya in... unless you're mixing it with tequila.
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      Anyone from a Latin American country, upon reading Pounds and Inches, would automatically use limes instead of lemons for the protocol. The word "limón" in Spanish means "lemon," but most people think of it as the green fruit. Those who make a distinction use the phrase "limón amarillo" (yellow lemon) to designate the more unusual fruit, which is more popular north of the Mexican border, and largely unavailable south of the border.

      Nutritional comparison:
      1 fl oz lemon juice has 8 calories, 0 grams fat, 2.63 grams carbs, and 0.12 grams protein
      1 fl oz lime juice has 8 calories, 0.02 grams fat, 2.59 grams carbs, 0.13 grams protein

      Near enough as never mind, as Husband's father liked to say.
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        Thank you both for your response, I am now on day 3 of the VLCD and have lost 5 lbs, so sticking with the lime And ya, missing that tequila that seems to go so well with the lime! All in good time


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          I have been using lime to make my digon mustard dressing. Thanks, Carolina, for posting that info. I didn't suspect it to make much of a different at all. The limes I have are so much smaller than the lemons.

          On Earth Clinic, Dr. Ted from Bangkok uses lime for his alklizer in the morning vs lemon. Maybe it's personal preference.
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